Report Player

Report players who have not followed Carnage TDM in-game or forum rules.

Moderators: Lead Administrator, Server Administrator, Senior Administrator

Forum rules
Use the following format when reporting players:

CODE: Select all

[b]Your In-Game Name:[/b]  
[b]Their In-Game Name:[/b] 
Be as descriptive as possible. If you don't have any valid proof, there's a good chance your report won't be accepted. Valid evidence would be a screenshot which clearly shows the reported player's nametag, committing, or attempting to commit, whichever act you are reported him for. This can be either a video, screenshot(s), or even a link to a forum post. You can use other people's screenshots/evidence as long as you give credits. Don't spam reports you aren't involved with. Input/confirmation is fine, but keep it on-topic so we can handle the report quickly and effectively.
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