10 books about love and relationships

It is said that men and women are from different planets, and perhaps because of this difference it is not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise between them. But at such times, it’s important to remember that any problem can be resolved through constructive conversation. In our selection we have collected the most popular literature that will help to achieve a harmonious relationship and understand your other half.

Harry Lambert «No longer available. How to get a ring and not screw everything up»

Harry Lambert is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of girls solve the problem of loneliness and get that coveted diamond ring. If you’re still waiting, this book will help you take the initiative and not screw everything up. Harry Lambert tells you how to stop falling in love with the wrong man. How to know men correctly? How do you become the woman you want to marry? With this book you will understand the mistakes you have made in the past and how to correct them, you will learn to understand men and avoid their manipulations, you will become a woman who gets everything she wants.

It’s time to take control of your life and find the love you deserve.

Esther Perel, «The right to the ‘left’. Why people cheat and if cheating can be avoided»

Have you ever wondered why people cheat? Why is he able to break vows he has made and destroy trust in a relationship? This book is not about how to catch your spouse cheating or how to track a call, who your husband is talking to or who your wife is texting on Whatsapp. Esther Perel, a renowned couples therapist, gives us an intimate view of the reasons why some people are unfaithful. You will discover how infidelity can be an act of rebellion against commitment and monotony, or an attempt to find a more intimate and emotional connection.

But is it possible to avoid deception? Perel thinks so, and in this book he offers practical advice to help couples improve their relationship and avoid infidelity.

John Gottman, “The Seven Principles of a Happy Marriage, or Emotional Intelligence in Love”

This book is dedicated to all those who want to learn to love and be loved. Marriage is a very complex relationship, and for it to work, both people must be willing to work on it. In this book, Dr. John Gottman offers seven fundamental principles for maintaining a happy and healthy marriage. You will learn to communicate better with your partner, to handle conflicts constructively, to express your needs and feelings clearly, and to make marriage a priority.

With this book, you will learn to truly love and build a lasting and satisfying relationship.

Steve Harvey, “Act like a woman, think like a man”

In this book, popular comedian and TV host Steve Harvey reveals the secrets of male behavior. You will learn to understand how men think and what really matters to them. You will also learn how to manipulate them into doing what you want, and how to be a strong and confident woman. The author helps readers to understand the way of thinking of the stronger sex and answers many painful questions. For example: «What should and what can not demand from your man?», «How to recognize a boy from mom, and what to do in this case?», «When to meet the gentleman with his children?», « What five questions to ask a man to determine the seriousness of his intentions? Funny and sometimes harsh, but always true, this book is about what men really think about relationships with women.

Allan Pease, Barbara Pease “The Language of Relationships”

Have you ever felt misunderstood or confused by the way your partner communicates with you? If so, then this book is for you. International bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease explore the differences in language and communication between men and women. You will learn to decipher the “language” of the body, to interpret gestures and non-verbal cues, and to use this knowledge to improve your relationship.

With this book, you will learn to communicate effectively and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Daniel Shapiro «On emotions. How to handle the most painful conflicts in the family and at work»

Emotional conflict is the most dangerous type of dispute. It comes on suddenly and is difficult to deal with. Most of the time it arises from family misunderstandings, various work conflicts or even in a personal relationship. People are not always willing to admit their true feelings, and therefore the conflict becomes more intense.

Daniel Shapiro, author of this book, is a psychologist and family therapist. In this book, he offers practical strategies to help people manage emotional conflict. You will learn to recognize the symptoms of conflict, to avoid unnecessary confrontations, and to resolve conflicts effectively.

Liz Bourbeau “Love, love, love. About different ways to improve relationships, about accepting others and oneself»

As we know, acceptance is the key to all doors, especially the doors of our hearts. Accepting yourself is the first step to loving and being loved. However, many times we find ourselves in situations where we cannot accept ourselves as we are. We are forced to change, to do something we don’t want to do. In this book, author Liz Bourbeau helps us understand what love is and how we can improve our relationships. You will learn to accept yourself and others, and to love in a fuller and more satisfying way.

John Gray “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”

If you are interested in the psychology of relationships between men and women, books on the subject are a good starting point. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, is a psychologist and psychotherapist who has dedicated his life to studying the differences between male and female behavior. The author makes it clear how different we are, the «Yin and Yang», that we feel, think and behave in any situation. The author maintains that men and women are so different that one has the feeling that they are from different planets. And to find the other half in a relationship, you have to learn a special language of love. How to do it? This book will help you. In his book, Gray offers a unique and valuable perspective on how to understand and improve a relationship. He will learn to know the true desires of his partner, to communicate effectively and to avoid conflicts.

Douglas Abrams, Rachel Carlton Abrams, John Gottman, Julie Schwartz-Gottman “Woman. A Guide for Men»

If you are a man seeking to understand women, this book will help. The author offers a unique perspective on the psychology of women. How to understand a woman, what is her nature, what does she want and what kind of men does she like? These and many other questions will find answers in this publication. A kind of revelation about the nature of women for men offers scientifically proven facts that will allow him to understand women, therefore learn to make them happy. The publication is not without humor and includes real life stories, an extensive list of tips and valuable recommendations for those interested in gender relations and family psychology. After each section, there is a brief summary with conclusions, which allows a better understanding of the topics covered.

Jorge Bukai «Letters to Claudia»

This book is structured in the form of letters from a psychologist to his girlfriend. In a way it is a forgotten form of communication between people, but in its day it was the basis of a relationship between lovers in the process of separation.

Letters make it difficult to fight or vent the other person’s emotions because the writing process itself takes one into a world of philosophical reflection and relationship analysis.

How can you keep a feeling of love alive for years? After all, “to love – is to fully and unreservedly accept another”, and it is not everyone, and if you cannot notice the negative qualities of the partner, do not get angry, do not teach!

The book is addressed to a wide range of readers, since the problems raised by the author are vital and understandable to anyone.

We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Until next time! 🙂