15 free and very interesting web applications (vol. 4)

15 free and very interesting web applications (vol. 4)

Hello friends! This Wednesday we return with a new edition of our section dedicated to reviewing some of the best free web applications for the browser.

Among the most outstanding tools we find image editors, online text processors, MS-DOS emulators for browsers and many other interesting things.

15 Free Web Apps and Utilities That Are Really Worth It

lunatic: An image editor with a multitude of drawing tools, effects, filters, shapes, cropping, reformatting, and more. It does not have the most modern interface in the world, but it is easy to use and quite practical. | Go to Luna pic

Names and surnames: This tool from the National Institute of Statistics allows you to search and check how many people have the same name or surname as you in Spain. | Go to names and surnames

Phishing Quiz: A test developed by Google to check if we are capable of detecting a phishing attack. | Take a phishing test

Print friendly: Convert any web page into an optimized document to be printed or saved in PDF format (that is, without ads or additions that hinder readability, only the pure and simple content). | Go to Print

private note: Free web service to send encrypted messages that self-destruct when read by the recipient. | Go to a private note

Contains: The best tool to discover the origin of an image on the internet. Upload an image and Tineye shows you all the copies of that image that exist online and on which pages they have been published, ordered from the oldest to the most recent. | Go to Tineye

Make me a zombie: A “zombifier” that transforms the person who appears in a photo into a zombie. Fun application for recreational use. | go make me a zombie

redact photo: Practical free utility with which we can pixelate any sensitive area of ​​a photo so that it cannot be seen (faces, people, confidential information, etc.) | Go to Compose photo

StackEdit: Free online word processor that does not require registration. The documents (in Markdown format) are saved in the browser, so we can also access them offline. In addition, it can be synchronized with platforms such as WordPress, Blogger or Google Drive, among others. | Go to a stackEdit

Toon QR: Tool that allows you to create personalized QR codes with an elegant drawing of your face (or whatever you want) in the center. | Go to QR Toon

AirPano: A web application for virtual tourism. It has hundreds of high-definition 3D photos and 360° videos with which we can zoom and navigate through some of the most beautiful corners of the planet. | Go to AirPano

Hosting Checker Tool (Digital): Web application that shows the IP address, hosting data, Whois and country of origin where a web page or domain is hosted. | Go to a hosting verification tool

Google Content Takedown Tool: Tool with which we can request the removal of content due to an infringement of intellectual property. If the request is accepted, the web page will be removed from Google search results. | Go to Google Content Takedown Tool

Online Movie Maker: Online video editor, free and without registration, with which we can edit videos of up to 10 minutes in length at a maximum resolution of 1080p. All this without a watermark. | Go to an online movie maker

MS-DOS games at the Internet Archive: Software library that collects more than 7,700 MS-DOS games for preservation and historical record. The good thing is that in addition to offering detailed information on each game, it also includes an emulator that allows us to play the titles from the browser. | Go to MS-DOS game library

If you are left wanting more, you can find other interesting web applications in previous editions of this section:

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