16+1 Secret iOS 16 Tricks You Didn’t Know About

16+1 Secret iOS 16 Tricks You Didn't Know About

With iOS 16 comes many new features and many hidden tricks that you have to know, we review the best ones.

16+1 Secret iOS 16 Tricks You Didn't Know About

The new iOS 16 arrives loaded with interesting improvements for our iPhone, among which the new fully customizable lock screen stands out. However, in addition to all those important improvements, there are another series of little tricks and not so known features of iOS 16 that is worth knowing.

That is why we have reviewed the best secret iOS 16 tricks so that you master the new operating system of your iPhone like nobody else. Surely you did not know that your iPhone had gained all these capabilities.

iOS 16 Tricks

We review the best iOS 16 tricks

Compatibility with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

We could already use the controls of PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and with iOS 16 comes native support for Nintendo Joy Con. Connecting the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to the iPhone or iPad is a very simple process and there are hundreds of compatible games.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

iOS 16 is compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

Copy and delete screenshots

When you take a screenshot on iOS, in addition to being able to save the screenshot to Photos, save it as a Quick Note, and save it to Files, you can now “Copy and Delete”.

the new option saves the screenshot to the clipboard and then removes it from the camera rollmaking it easy to use screenshots in one go without them being saved to your device and having to be cleaned up later.

Find and replace in Notes

An extremely useful function. Notes now allows you search for any word within a text and replace it for other. The procedure is very simple:

  1. Enter the note.
  2. Touch up on the 3 points.
  3. Now you must tap on Search in the note.
  4. Type the word you want to replace.
  5. Tap on the magnifying glass and on Find and replace.
  6. Now write the word you want to be replaced and tap on Replace.

Ability to remove Search, Clock and Health apps

In iOS 14, Apple allowed users to delete some of the apps that come pre-installed on the iPhone. With iOS 16 Apple has expanded the number of apps you can delete, including Search, Clock and Health. Deleted apps can be re-downloaded from the App Store later if needed.

View battery percentage

In iOS 16, Apple offers users the ability to display the battery percentage directly in the status bar within the battery icon, eliminating the need to swipe Control Center. The battery percentage button, which is not available on all iPhones, and can be activated from Settings > Battery > Battery percentage.

iOS 16 Battery Percentage

With iOS 16 the battery percentage returns to the iPhone status bar

Integrated currency conversion

Thanks to new Live Text features, iOS now includes currency conversion built into the Camera and Photos apps. Simply point the iPhone camera at a price, wait for the Live Text icon to appear, tap and hold the price, and select “Convert.”

keyboard haptic feedback

We can activate these small haptic vibrations that will appear when we press the keys on the iPhone keyboard. You can activate it from Settings > Sounds and vibrations > Keyboard feedback > Vibration.

Ability to protect Hidden and Deleted Photo albums from photos with Face ID and Touch ID

These two albums available in Photos, right at the bottom, are now protected with Face ID and Touch ID to prevent anyone from seeing them. From Settings> Photos you can activate or deactivate this function.

Hidden and Deleted albums iOS 16

In iOS 16 we can protect Hidden and Deleted albums

Face ID works horizontally on iPhone

Something we never understood, but with iOS 16 Face ID already works in a horizontal position on the iPhone. This is great for faster identification in multiple situations.

You can easily see the Wi-Fi password

The Wi-Fi password is something important that we often want to share with friends and family, and in iOS 16 the process is easier. Coming into Settings > Wi-Fi and tapping on the “i” now we can see the password easily, once we identify ourselves.

Prevent accidental call blocks

In iOS 16 we can disable ending an active call when pressing the lock button. On earlier versions of iOS, pressing the side button and locking iPhone while on a call ends the call.

In iOS 16, Apple allows users to disable this to prevent crashes from Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Prevent ending calls when locked.

Full screen music player

An important and lesser-known cool feature of iOS 16. When you’re listening to a song from Apple Music, Spotify, or other third-party music apps, tap the album cover that appears in the small player on the lock screen to enter the new look of full screen player. Touch the full screen album cover again to minimize the player again.

music ios 16

This is what the iOS 16 lock screen looks like when playing music in full screen

Option to remove duplicate photos easily

In the lower area of ​​the Photos app we have a album called Duplicates from which to be able to eliminate the photos or videos that we have repeated. A very useful and little known function.

Control Apple Watch with iPhone

In iOS 16 we can use Button Control or Voice Control on iPhone to move around on Apple Watch. You must have watchOS 9 on your Apple Watch and at least one Apple Watch Series 6.

Fitness app is installed, no Apple Watch required

This app, from which you can access Fitness+, now comes pre-installed on the iPhone without the need to have an Apple Watch as was the case until now. So you can now enjoy the Apple service more easily.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is available on iPhones running iOS 16

New warning during upload

In iOS 16, if your iPhone gets too hot while charging, you’ll get a new notification informing you that charging will be paused until your iPhone’s temperature cools down. This is done to prevent possible long-term damage to your iPhone’s battery.

Custom Spatial Audio

With the latest AirPods and some Beats headphones, iOS 16 users can turn on custom spatial audio. This feature uses the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro to scan the geometry of the user’s ears in order to offer a better spatial audio experience.

You can set it up by connecting AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, or AirPods 3 to iPhone by going to Settings > AirPods and tapping on Configure Spatial Audio Personalized. Follow the options that appear on the screen.