20 things you should activate or try as soon as you install iOS 16

20 things you should activate or try as soon as you install iOS 16

Do you have an iPhone 8 or later? Then, You can now update to iOS 16. The new version of the operating system includes interesting new features that focus, above all, on the lock screen, but there are also a series of settings, options and functions that should not go unnoticed.

These functions, in fact, can be very useful to improve the experience of using your iPhone. They are, in particular, small adjustments that can be activated in a simple way and that, in general, do not affect performance or autonomy.

Activating the battery percentage in the status bar, changing the color and style of the clock on the lock screen or cropping subjects in photos are some examples, but there are others that yes or yes you must activate on your iPhone after installing iOS 16. We detail 20.

Activate these options in the settings of your iPhone after updating to iOS 16

  • Activate the battery percentage in iOS 16. To see how much battery you have left from the status bar, just go to Settings > Battery and turn on the option called ‘Battery Percentage’. Keep in mind, however, that this feature is not yet available for some of the iPhone models compatible with iOS 16.
  • Activate haptic feedback on your iPhone keyboard. If you want your iPhone to make a small vibration every time you press a key on the keyboard, go to Settings > Sounds & vibrations > Keyboard feedback and turn on the option called ‘Vibrate’.
  • Copy the password of your Wi-Fi network. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily view and share its password from your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings> Wi-Fi and click on the icon with the letter ‘i’ that appears next to the Wi-Fi network. Then press where it says ‘Password’. The iPhone will ask you to identify yourself with Face ID to show the key, and will also show a button to copy it and thus be able to share it, for example, through a message.
iOS 16 custom spatial audio
  • Improve the spatial audio of your AirPods Pro. iOS 16 has personalized spatial audio, a function capable of scanning your ears to adapt the sound in a much more precise way. To activate it, it is only necessary to connect the AirPods to the iPhone, go to Settings and enter the AirPods settings (it appears just below your Apple ID). Finally, click on the option called ‘Set up custom spatial audio’ and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Add filters to focus modes. Do you want the mail app to only silence your work emails? You can add concentration filters to different applications by going into ‘Settings’ and accessing the ‘Focus modes’ tab. Next, select one of the focus modes you have on your iPhone and scroll down to the section called ‘Focus Filters’. Select the app and set a filter. For example, you can make the Mail App only notify you of a specific inbox (your work email account) when you have ‘Work’ mode activated.

Everything you need to do on the lock screen

  • Change the notification preview. With iOS 16 you can choose how you see notifications on the lock screen. You can hide them and only have a count of them appear at the bottom, create a group of notifications or show them in a list. To activate any of these three options, just go to Settings > Notifications and in the ‘Show as’ section select one of them.
  • Set a wallpaper to a focus mode. If you want a focus mode to have a specific wallpaper, go to the lock screen and hold to open the customization menu. Then, find the background that you like the most, click on the ‘Concentration’ button that appears on the screen and select one of the available modes. Now, when you activate that focus mode, the wallpaper and lock background will be changed to the one you previously selected.
  • Change the color of the clock, text and other elements. With iOS 16 you can also change the style or color of the clock, text, and other elements on the lock screen. Just long press on the lock screen itself to open the customization menu. Then, click on ‘Customize’ and modify the style of the clock and the rest of the elements, opting for different shapes and colors.
  • Add widgets to the lock screen. You can add small widgets to the lock screen to get relevant information about, for example, the weather or your activity. To do this, press and hold on the lock screen, select the background you prefer and press ‘Personalise’. Then, in the widget area (below the clock), select the available options.
  • Activate the player in full screen. You can give your iPhone lock screen a whole new look with the new full-screen player in iOS 16. To activate it, simply play a song on a music service, like Apple Music. Then, in the player that appears on the lock screen, click on the cover thumbnail. You will see that it enlarges until it occupies a large part of the screen. You can show your background again by clicking on the cover of the song again.
  • Change the background of the lock screen with just one touch. Although changing the lock screen background is a simple task, there is an even easier way to switch between different backgrounds. Just select the ‘Random Photos’ feature when you go to set a new lock screen background and choose which photos you want to display. Then, in the ‘Frequency of photo change’ section, select ‘On touch’. Then apply the changes and wait for them to save. Tap on a free area on the lock screen to quickly change the background.

Other settings, options, and features to use as soon as you install iOS 16

  • Add favorite artists to Apple Music. If you use Apple Music, you can mark an artist as a favorite to receive a notification whenever new content is uploaded to the platform. To do this, go to Apple Music, search for the name of the artist, and click on the star icon that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Crop people, pets or other objects in photos. Touch and hold on a subject in a photo to crop it. You can copy the cropped image to share from any app.
  • Remove duplicate images. The iOS 16 Photos app has an option that allows you to delete or merge those duplicate images. You just have to access the ‘More items’ section from the ‘Albums’ tab and enter the ‘Duplicates’ section. Here you can find a more complete tutorial on this feature.
  • Track your shipments from the Wallet app. If you have bought something online and the merchant has made it compatible, you can see the tracking of the shipment from the Wallet app on your iPhone. To do this, go to the application and click on the package-shaped icon that appears at the top of the screen.
  • Use Live Text in videos. Live Text, the feature that allows you to cut text from images, now also works on videos. Simply pause the video and select the text that appears on the screen. You will see that the iPhone detects it and will allow you to perform actions such as copy, paste, crop or translate.
  • Add your medication in the Health app. You can add your medication in the Health app to always have all the details of it at hand or even set schedules. To do this, go to the Health app on your iPhone, click on the ‘Explore’ tab and click on ‘Add medication’. Lastly, follow the steps shown on the screen.
  • Put emojis in your chats using your voice. If you want to put an emoji using the text dictation function, just say “Emoji” and the emoji you want to send. For example, “Smiley Face Emoji”.
  • Lock notes using your iPhone password. With iOS 16, notes are locked with Face ID or your iPhone password. To do this, click on the note you want to lock, click on the icon with three points that appears at the top of the screen and click on ‘Lock’.
  • Control your Apple Watch from your iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch, you can control it directly from your iPhone screen thanks to a new accessibility setting in iOS 16. This option is turned on in Settings > Accessibility > Apple Watch Mirroring. Remember that you must have the Apple Watch on your wrist and linked to the iPhone.