8 beautiful ‘pet friendly’ cafes in La Condesa to take your pet

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So that you do not miss out on knowing them, here we share some pet friendly cafes in the Condesa. They will become your favorites!

Sometimes you just need a good coffee to improve the day, and what better than enjoying it in an enclosure that also allows the visit of that furry four-legged friend. With its casual charm and abundance of local businesses, it’s no surprise that the Countess It has countless places where you can pamper yourself with delicious specialty coffee and artisan bread, many of them suitable for receiving pets. So that you do not stop knowing them, here we share some coffee shops pet friendly in the Countess. They are so pretty that they will become your favorites!

Travel, enjoy and share!

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Cave is one of the coffee shops pet friendly in the Countess that stands out for its musical atmosphere and delicious specialty coffee, as well as for offering a warm environment decorated with diners American-style, a small outdoor garden and tables at street level. Music plays on his turntable all the time, and best of all, most of the vinyls are also available for purchase, so if you really enjoy what you listen to, you can take it home.

PHONE: 55 8986 3657
Photo: @hule.mx
Photo: @hule.mx


In case you are looking for a cozy space with a contemporary design, then Quentin will be one of the best coffee shops what to visit in the Countess. It has an outdoor area with tables outdoors for those looking for a more carefree visit, as well as an interior space that will be perfect to concentrate during an afternoon of home Office. As well as their delicious coffee, their artisan bread is worth trying, whether it’s a classic chocolate bar, chocolate shell or banana pancake.

Address: Amsterdam 67a, Hipodromo Condesa.
Telephone: 55 7312 6188
Website: quentin.mx
Photo: @quentincafemx
Photo: @quentincafemx


In case you want to enjoy a delicious sourdough bread, then Saint will be one of the best coffee shops pet friendly in the countess what to visit. It has various service tables on its terrace at street level, perfect for enjoying its delicious sandwiches – they change constantly, we recommend checking their menu on social networks -, sweet creations or meals of the day. Its bakery is characterized by having a European-inspired touchnoticeable in exquisite pieces such as Croissants, apple billing the citrus danish.

PHONE: 55 8848 1224
Photo: @saintpanaderia
Photo: @saintpanaderia

The hole

In The hole you will find a beautiful space full of little plants and natural decoration, perfect to visit at any time of the day and pamper yourself with its proposal of specialty coffee, comfort foods and spray refreshing. If you visit during the morning, it is best to try their healthy breakfasts or shakes energizing, in the afternoon there is the option to enjoy craft beers, Mexican wines and spray.

PHONE: 55 3867 4163
Photo: @boola.mx
Photo: @boola.mx

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Bruna House

more than one of the coffee shops pet friendly in the countess, Bruna House It is a wonderful space that incorporates a bulk store of organic and ecological products, a section gourmet where you can purchase various wines and items for personal care, and an area to enjoy their delicious specialty coffee. You can spend a pleasant afternoon and do the shopping in the company of your pet, and best of all, you will also find prizes and accessories for it.

PHONE: 55 1486 6346
WHATSAPP: 55 6114 6562
Photo: @casabrunamx
Photo: @casabrunamx

Melibean House

Melibean House It is located right on Amsterdam Avenue in Countessand incorporates within its space a cafe, gallery and design shop where to buy beautiful decorations for the home. Its outdoor tables will be the perfect space in the colony to spend a carefree afternoon in the company of your pet, whether enjoying its famous chocolate coffee – espresso, condensed milk and milk foam -, one of its shakes seasonal or one toast healthy.

ADDRESS: Celaya 9 Esq. Amsterdam, Hipodromo Condesa.
Photo: @casa.melibea
Photo: @casa.melibea

Coffee Community

Coffee Community is one of the best kept secrets of the Countessa beautiful enclosure notable for its healthy and comforting cuisine, as well as for protecting one of the most beautiful hidden gardens in the neighborhood. This is completely pet friendlydecorated with natural plants, hanging lights and long wooden tables, where you can go for a drink little coffee and do home Officeor enjoy a casual meal with friends.

PHONE: 55 2870 3231
Photo: @cafecommunity
Photo: @cafecommunity

little coffee

little coffee It has several branches around the CDMXone of them located in the Countess and offering the perfect space to enjoy a good coffee in the company of your pet. The project was founded in 2012 with the purpose of offering the best possible cup of coffee, taking care of every possible detail and making sure to maintain the quality of its products; whether you ask for his strudel apple with ice cream, your toast of hummus on sourdough bread, or one of their sweet alfajores, you will have a spectacular visit.

Address: Alfonso Reyes 232, Hipodromo Condesa.
Telephone: 55 5211 6123
Website: www.chiquititocafe.com
Photo: @chiquititocafe
Photo: @chiquititocafe