A jewel of entertainment cinema with Tom Cruise arrives on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon must have come to some sort of agreement Warnerbecause today several films from this studio have become part of the Prime Video catalog in Spain. We already told you about the case of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite film directed by Christopher Nolan and now it’s time to tell you about one of the most amazing science fiction movies of recent years. I mean ‘Edge of Tomorrow’.

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To be fair, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ had been available in the HBO Max catalog for a long time, something logical when dealing with a Warner film, but I am clear that not all Prime Video users have access to that platform, for what highlighting its arrival at no additional cost to Amazon is worth it. And we are talking about one of the great jewels of entertainment cinema of the past decade.

On the one hand, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is perhaps the Hollywood blockbuster that has best managed to assimilate the narrative of video games in relation to the game with time travel and the multiple deaths suffered by the character played by tom cruisewhich even has some nice comic connotations in the first minutes of footage.

This also leads to the actor not showing off the hero facet that he knows how to exhibit so well, since his Cage starts out being a coward who is involved in a situation that completely surpasses him, but little by little he acquires the necessary knowledge to progress in his game against these terrible alien invaders.

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In addition, the film is completely successful in dividing the dramatic weight of the role between Cruise and an excellent emily blunt giving life to Rita, a woman of arms capable of bursting anyone who crosses her path. The icing on the cake at this point is the great chemistry they share, one of the many reasons why we are still longing for that sequel that we had been promised and that it is increasingly likely that we will never see.

Edge of Tomorrow

To this must be added a first-class visual display, all very well orchestrated by the behind-the-scenes work of Doug Limanwhile the script based on ‘All you need is to kill it allows everything to flow nicely until the thing gets a little stuck on its final stretch. Personally, I think that ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ works so well during its first two acts that the fragility it shows in its final stretch is something that can be overlooked.

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