Arthur Fleck and his new friends in Arkham Asylum: ‘Joker 2’ casts a ‘Maze Runner’ actor in a mysterious and important role – Movie News

Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga will star in the new installment about the Clown Prince of Crime.

joker 2the sequel to the Clown Prince of Crime Joaquin Phoenix, continues to add actors to its cast. Joker: Madness for Two -title of the film at the moment- will once again feature the Oscar-winning performer in the role of Arthur Fleck. Lady Gaga, for her part, will debut in the film as harley quinn. Todd Phillips, who already directed the first installment, will repeat behind the scenes and in the script.

Much of the sequel, which will have musical elements, will be set in the arkham asyluma mental hospital in which Gotham’s most unstable criminals are locked up. There, Arthur Fleck will meet new characters and one of them will be played by Jacob Lofland. As reported THRdetails about the role the actor will play are being kept under wraps. It is only known that he will give life to a asylum inmate who develops a relationship with the protagonist. His role will be secondary, but the aforementioned medium describes him as “key code”.

Lofland has worked on films like Mudstarring Matthew McConaughey, and in series such as Justified: Raylan’s Law. One of his best known roles is that of Aris in the saga the maze runner. The first time he appeared in the franchise that adapts the James Dashner novels and features Dylan O’Brien in the lead role, was in the sequel Tests. Then he repeated in the third installment: the death cure.

In addition to Phoenix, Lady Gaga and Lofland; joker 2 It has Brendan Gleeson and Catherine Keener in its cast. Zazie Beetz will repeat as sophie dummy, his character from the first installment. Plans are for production to begin in November and take place in Los Angeles and New York. Its theatrical release is scheduled for October 4, 2024.

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the title of the film, madness of tworefers to a syndrome that in psychology is used to refer to a symptom that is transmitted from one individual to another, usually between members of the same family. Also known as: shared psychotic disorder.

On the other hand, according to Planet Weekly PodcastHarley Quin will have a very important role in the film. As they claim, the story will be told from the point of view of Lady Gaga’s character. And that is where the musical numbers that the film will have fit in, since she sees her relationship with The Joker through musical sequences. Does that title mean that Arthur Fleck will also share those hallucinations?

jester sumo 10 nominations to the awards Oscarof which he took two: Best Actor for Phoenix Y Best Original Soundtrack. The film grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.

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