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Diana of Wales and a punishment that was never applied

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What punishment was imposed on the paparazzi who were guilty of the death of Diana of Wales? What limits did the French legislature impose on a detractor and destructive activity that with its actions can eliminate lives? So far the answers that have been given is that the three paparazzi who were involved in the problem and who photographed Diana even in her last minutes, were let off the hook. Freedom of expression was the argument; Just like here, when this type of journalism is not only exercised in the same persecutory way, but also in television, radio, networks and the written press. In the accident in which the ex-wife of the now King Carlos III died, her companion Dodi al Fayed and the driver who was driving the vehicle, Henry Paul, also died. The existence of a paparazzi journalism, which launched the world in his film the sweet life (1960) Federico Fellini, is free to commit all the excesses and abuses without there being and there being a restraint. Freedom of expression is then brought to light, because that journalism is embedded not only in the one that persecutes, harasses and exhibits, but also in the one that is exercised daily without ethics being present. The death of the princess that filled millions of pages and comments in the world, was exposed in turn, by a system of collective paparazzi, including journalists considered serious, to reveal all kinds of secrets, minutiae and miseries that stoned a young woman who it no longer existed. Here we see it daily in all kinds of media and a case is discussed these days as if it were fundamental news: the public lawsuit on television, of a guy who is dedicated to show notes, to confront his program partners.


The events that have a massive public and we have just seen it with the death of Queen Elizabeth, demonstrate the culture that predominates in the world. In the networks themselves it is seen how the news about the powerful and famous, the fragile note, the gossip, the elementary, the superfluous, is what attracts in the comments. Those who bring up the death of Princess Diana at this time try to minimize and hide the real issue at stake and that is what led to her death: the existence of monarchies. In the end, Diana was but one part of a group that assumed to be monarchical, a used young woman, interested in turn in getting as much snag out of her situation as possible. There was no innocence in her, although she did not deserve to die that way. Her death in Spain generated the speed of a book that was surprising that it came out so fast. A group of eight journalists and writers from that country and Argentina, to which the columnist for the newspaper Reforma in Mexico, Guadalupe Loeza, joined with a climax, published the Lady DI File (Madrid Spain 1997) and the book came out a few days later. of death. The prologue was made by Juan Pradera, As expected, the tragedy focused on the disappearance of a beautiful young woman, her story, her divorce, despised by the crown for her adventures and revived the importance of a system that gives overwhelming news to the world , because due to its transcendence it can do it. But some of the participants delved into the type of vain journalism that is applied in those situations and the use of freedom of expression and the right to information to justify it. It was a quick and effective way, moreover, to sell books.


I have never seen that there are groups interested in quickly making books on topics that should reach the general public as a warning of what is happening in certain sectors and that unfortunately lead to tragedy. Perhaps because the workers do not have the sophistication of an exposed young woman and a deceased old queen. To round off the example, a quick book where the great tragedy of the miners who recently died in Pinabete Coahuila will be told, with their personal stories, their lives and their dreams. But the mining workers are not interesting as protagonists. It comes to be compared to those ultra-left groups that hold demonstrations to support Biden and revile Russia, in the case of Ukraine, but remain silent with Israel’s permanent aggression against Palestine.