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If the PRI is sunk, why so much fuss?

Theresa Gil

[email protected]

It cannot be said that they are all the media, in which the rejection, the dirty, the dark are the daily rebirth of their news. But although to a certain extent they are, there is a clever plan in the daily repetition of what the PRI is, its questioned leader Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, Alito, with whom they intend to sell a broken image for profit. The more misery is attributed to him, the media doubles the news with his image and his haughty ideas. If someone’s virtues do not exist, their weaknesses are promoted and shouted, in all kinds of expressions, to leave them inserted in the minds of a disaffected and surprised people. Many will fall for the crook and subject the reports to doubt. It is a reverse mechanism, widely used, that is applied to revile and sink those who have real merits. It is being done at this time by those who want to undermine Gustavo Petro in Colombia, only a month into his government, by those who have done this work against Gabriel Boric in Chile for a year. With AMLO, all kinds of strategies have been used, including launching a discredit that they have hatched across the seas. Fake news falls short. At the imperial level, the Alito strategy is used, and we see him with a Donald Trump and his deteriorated image, giving the main ones in the media and reinforcing an iniquitous image, to install a successful electoral solution. The methods of promotion are many and contradictory and are at the level of the media.


The wicked according to the philosopher Fernando Savater, are those who could not fill the category of bad and assumed a decantation of evil in their ways of being, acting and expressing themselves as human beings, before others. Perhaps the so-called Mr. Alito is just that an evil being, malevolent others will say, that he goes through life destroying any activity. That evil behavior is sticky and this long campaign to exalt Moreno Cárdenas in his tricks, extends to those who take the figure of him also to act as evil. There are columnists who take advantage of Alito to hit those who really want to do it, in this case not the one who intends to exercise power, but the one who exercises it. I read in a column and it may be in many, the derivation of Alito towards an alleged negotiation of the 4T that has been mentioned with the PRI, to lengthen the Sedena (with several hypocritical glancing from the right), in the streets. What can be a valid coincidence, that convinces the parties, is handled as an alliance of opinions, in which Moreno Cárdenas can be consistent, with or without cheating, but not that the other party is giving in. The scandal of the rupture of Va por México turns on those media fuss, which basically exhibits the evil idea behind themselves. Hit who they really want to hit.


It would be very boring to read books in which the evil one did not show his face. Even what are called sacred books have a villain to be able to fix the difference between human values. There is not always virtue in the separation of these values ​​and the conclusion is reached that morality, ethics and what is good and evil, start from the conception of each person. For some, Russia is the bad one right now, but for others the evils (true evils) come from that neo-Nazi sector that the Ukrainian government has around them. At the time the bad and evil characters have been put on lists, there are 50, and books put online to magnify the essence of the enemy. And in that selection they don’t make a difference to Savater. They are evil and bad, the harmful, wicked, wicked, evil, cursed, harmful, villainous, et cetera, et cetera. The list of those macabre beings that have flavored the history of literature, some begin with satan and are followed by all those wicked men mentioned by the Greeks, their own gods, including Shakespeare with several among them Lady Macbeth ( Macbeth, Editorial Austral 2021) and that intriguing Iago, and they are followed in disorder by Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, the villains who condemned Edmund Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo, the Jews who crucified Christ, the murderer of his children Medea, Professor Moriarty who did evil to Holmes, and all those who paraded and parade in the movies, in children’s stories. Evil scattered to spice up stories that would otherwise be boring. As boring as a journalism that therefore rejects good news because it is not news and prefer to talk ad nauseam about a guy like Alito who, for them at least, gives flavor to the news. how ugly