Camilo Sesto. Neither angel nor devil. A book by Ramón Climent about the singer from Alcoy published by the Gil-Albert Institute

On one side was Camilo Blanes and on the other, Camilo Sesto. The first is the real one and the second, the character that he created. He speaks of this duality the journalist Ramon Climent (Alcoy, 1954) in Camilo Sesto. neither angel nor devil, a book edited by the Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture that distances itself from biography to become “a chronicle of his life”.

Climent, who has published the book within the Premium Bios collection and will be presented next Thursday at the Calderon Theater in Alcoyhe confesses that after working for a year on this volume “I am a camilista, he has taken me to his field because he is an exciting character”. For the journalist, this is a “very ambitious” book and more than a biography “I have made a chronicle of Camilo’s life in which I interpret some situations and, above all, I get closer to the person.” The life of the man “who knew how to sing love better but who never knew how to love; sentimentally it was a failure”.

Biography of the singer, remember, there is already one. “The signature Elena Gomez de la Puerta and they are two volumes that are the camilista bible; mine are the apocryphal gospels”.

Ramón Climent, who has published a biography of the painter Fernando Cabrera and the history of the Teatro Principal de Alcoy, points out that the title of the work is due to the fact that “I have tried to talk about the shadows and the lights, the good things and the less good ones”. In this sense, the book, with a cover by the illustrator and professor at the UMH Amparo AlepuzIt covers the entire spectrum that has surrounded the career and figure of the singer from Alcoy. “Fifteen years ago the camilistas were considered geeks and now it turns out that we have raised it to the heavens, but neither one thing nor the other, it is an undisputed and indisputable artist, but we would be doing him a disservice by ignoring reality; that is the spirit of the book that has a great deal of alcoyanía”.

Toni Cabot, Pilar Tébar, Julia Parra, Toni Francés and Ramón Climent, during the presentation of the gala. Juani Ruz

He assures that the reader should not expect “something new, unpublished or unknown”. What he has done is “collect a little of what was already in the newspaper archives and order it with my comments and opinions.” The only thing that is new is that the anthem for the Alcoyano that the artist composed in 2003 and that was kept in the drawer. “There was a discrepancy with the club and it was never heard from again.”

The book, which includes a hundred images “with which you can take a tour of his life”, brings together aspects of Camilo Blanes and Camilo Sesto. “The singer Andrea Bronston, who was his partner, said that nobody really knew him because the character he had built was known.”

The Vice President and Deputy for Culture, Julia Parraassures that “it is, without a doubt, one of the most awaited and demanded works by a large audience that has closely followed the career of Camilo Sesto, one of the most internationally recognized Alicante natives who will now be present in the bibliographic collection of the Instituto Gil- Albert”.

The provincial official explained that the celebration of the gala will coincide with the launch of the publication on September 15. “From the Diputación and from the IAC Juan Gil-Albert we wanted to take another step in tribute to the singer and we will support the launch of this book with a great act of remembrance enlivened with music, open to the public and with free access, prior ticket reservation”.

Also the mayor of Alcoy, Tony Frances, has shown its support for the celebration that will take place, precisely, the same month in which the birth and death of Camilo Sesto are commemorated. The mayor has recalled the human dimension and his transcendence “of him as an international artist who has carried the name of Alcoy all over the world and who always presumed to be from this city”.

The presentation ceremony was also attended by the Gil-Albert Institute, its director, Pilar Tebar, and the head of the Department of Publications and Research, Tony Cabot. Tébar has explained that the book collects in nine chapters the main episodes of the life of the Alcoyan.

The singer Camilo Sesto. Ivan Alvarado

tribute gala

The book will be officially unveiled next Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., at the Calderón Theater in Alcoy, during a tribute gala in which Toni Cabot will present the publication together with the author.

In addition, the president of the Diputación, Carlos Mazón, and the vice president, Julia Parra, will attend.

The meeting will be enlivened with a concert by of the group Los Daysons, with which Camilo began to take his first musical steps, and the saxophonist Moses Olcina.

“The Daysons are now almost 80-year-old gentlemen who are going to remember Camilo and who continues to rehearse every Thursday of the year,” Climent highlights.

As far as Moisés Olcina is concerned, he will perform with his saxophone to offer a concert of themes from Alcoy. “He makes a deconstruction of Camilo Sesto’s music brought to jazz”.

the tickets to attend next Thursday are already available to those interested through the websites of the Gil-Albert Institute and the Calderón Theater in Alcoy.

The gala will be broadcast via streaming from the YouTube channel of the Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture so that fans from all over Spain and other countries, especially Latin America, where the singer from Alcoy has a multitude of followers, can follow it live.