Characteristics, photos and information of the new generation

Characteristics, photos and information of the new generation

Since its launch in 1964, the Mustang has seen countless industry transformations go by. Today, in the middle of a wave a tsunami of electric cars, the Ford Mustang 2024 break in with a seventh generation who is as wild and as mustang as they let him be. Smile, there’s still room for V8s.

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Let’s start with the important thing, what’s in your gut. The 2024 Mustang was developed from a new platformreleased in 2019 by Explorer. This rear-wheel drive architecture, adapted to a sports model, ensures a higher level of rigidity and opens the door to increasingly sophisticated components.

ford mustang 2024 24

Thus, iconic pony-car receives the best suspension work to date. Optionally, you can opt for the Performance Pack, which adds a Torsen limited-slip differential, active MagneRide suspension, wider and larger tires, 390mm front and 355mm rear Brembo brakes, active exhaust and Recaro seats.

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One of the great solutions presented by the 2024 Mustang is its electric parking brake. You read that right, electric. But it’s not what you’re thinking. The system is controlled by a lever, like a traditional parking brake, but works electronically and keeps drifting intact. In fact, it was tuned by drifting stars.

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Four and eight cylinder engines, no hybrids

The chassis matters, but surely the desire to know what is under the hood eats you up. The great news is that, even in times where environmental regulations have clipped the wings of eight-cylinder engines, the Ford Mustang 2024 find a way to continue offering your 5.0-liter V8 Coyoteoptimized in efficiency and power, to now reach around 480 hp.

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The presence of a V8 in the range represents a wonderful – and nostalgic – closure to a Mustang era. Ford will soon become an electric-only brand, including the Mustang, so this seventh generation could be the last with an internal combustion engine.

Ford Mustang 2024

In the end, if the Mustang has done anything over the decades, it’s adapt to new times and hold on to the past only as much as necessary. This is how at some point, for example, it received an independent rear suspension and even adopted four-cylinder engines, which for this generation prevail in the form of a 2.0-litre EcoBoostwhose specifications have not been disclosed, but a power of around 330 hp is expected.

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Now, as for transmissionsthe Ford Mustang 2024 It also gives its club of purists a reason to smile, which are not few, by including a six-speed manual transmission for both engine options, without eliminating the option of a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Now there are two things 7-Eleven has that Oxxo doesn't: a second working till and its own Ford Mustang edition.

Will there be a hybrid variant? In the end no. Ford even mentioned long ago that there was a mustang hybrid among his plans, but in the end he decided solely on combustion engines. The project was scrapped, although the next generation, the eighth, is expected to be exclusively electric, making the Mustang you see right now the last one with an internal combustion engine.

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Dark Horse, a surprise version

For the first time in 20 years, a new name is added to the range for a special edition. As a surprise, Ford presents at launch a version called Dark horsewith a specific aesthetic, dark tones and an appearance, in general, more radical. It also has the most powerful version of the V8 Coyote so far, with around 500 hp and a manual transmission.

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A Mustang-style design evolution

Since that Mustang that in 2005 opted for a retro-flavored aesthetic, Ford has simply evolved the idea, without detaching itself from that style that has worked so well for it. For this reason, the seventh generation retains the main lines and does not seem to have changed too much, despite the fact that almost all the pieces are new.

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We will find a huge grille, a muscular hood with functional air intake and rectangular headlights, now with a slimmer design and composed of three LED lights, the same as the skulls. The GT version It will be, for the moment, the one with the most spectacular appearance, with four exhaust outlets and larger air intakes; the Mustang EcoBoost it stays with a more discreet aesthetic. “Discreet”.

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Let us stop now to look at the inside. The first thing that jumps out at you is the touch of digitization, which comes in the form of two large screens for the instrument cluster and the multimedia system, with Mustang-specific graphics. But beyond the screens, look at the details of the cabin: A/C outlets with a certain retro air, the classic gear lever in the shape of a ball -for the manual version- and the peculiar design of the handbrake.

The 2024 Ford Mustang will go on sale next year

Ford is finalizing details to begin production and first deliveries of its new pony-car. The forecast is that it will be available in Mexico during the second half of 2023and until then we can talk about prices and versions.

Its production takes place in Flat Rock, United States, and it is exported to more than 140 countries. For 7 years it has been the best-selling sports car in the world. In fact, as of September 6, 2022, 10,308,813 units have been sold.