Christmas with teenagers? Recommended books for their age

During the Christmas holidays our teenage children can spend their leisure time reading

At Aleteia we have made a compilation of Christmas-themed books for teenagers and young people. Without a doubt, spending time reading is the most enjoyable way to enrich yourself and spend a few hours reflecting and enjoying yourself.

In addition, for parents it is a satisfaction and peace of mind to see how their children spend time feeding their souls with good reading, from the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm or HC Andersen, the stories of Charles Dickens, the irony of CS Lewis or the Tolkien’s imagination.

For the most daring and artists, we have also included Christmas songs with their lyrics and chords for guitar and piano.

So here are our recommendations!

They are the following:

“Grimm brothers’ stories”

Complete collection indexed, revised and with the original illustrations of the Tales and Legends of the Brothers Grimm.

Fairy tales, chosen appropriately for each age, have always been a very special food for the child and youth soul.

It includes “Cinderella”, “Snow White”, “The Bremen Town Musicians”, “Tom Thumb”, “Hansel and Gretel” and other stories that are part of the imagination of humanity.

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“Grimm brothers’ stories”.


“The queen of the snow”


Independent publishing platform CreateSpace

In a cold city, two children live, Gerda and Kay, who love each other as if they were brothers. Their houses share a small patio, where they play and listen to the stories Gerda’s grandmother tells. One day, Kay is dragged to the outskirts of the city, to the frozen kingdom of the Snow Queen, and Gerda sets out to find her. Before achieving it, she must overcome a series of obstacles, but in the end the path will be transformative for both of them.

One of Andersen’s longest, best and most acclaimed fairy tales. First published in Denmark in 1845. A history of good and evil.

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“The queen of the snow”.


“Letters from Santa Claus”

Author: JRR Tolkien

Editorial Planet

If Christmas has something, it is that it is full of magic. As are Tolkien’s adventures in Middle-earth. That special atmosphere is what we find in “Letters from Santa Claus”: a beautiful book with the original drawings and letters, handwritten and transcribed, that the author wrote to his children every year during the month of December pretending to be Santa Claus. (and by the Polar Bear!). From the first note to his eldest son in 1920 to the last moving correspondence with his daughter in 1943.

It is undoubtedly a perfect gift if you are looking for Christmas books for teenagers and children… but it is also perfect for an adult audience, since we can all enjoy a magnificent story full of Christmas charm.

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«Santa Claus Letters».

Minotaur Editions

“Victorian Christmas Tales”


Publishing Alliance

During the extensive Victorian period it was, due to diverse and varied circumstances, when the “Christmas spirit” began and recovered and a good part of the image and character that we associate with these festivities today was consolidated. It was also the golden age of the Christmas story, of which the most outstanding authors of the time left samples, being those of fear and mystery those that enjoyed the most acceptance.

In this anthological compilation, naturally, Charles Dickens is not lacking, and along with his are also collected magnificent stories by Anthony Trollope, Charlotte Riddell, Arthur Conan Doyle (one of them starring Sherlock Holmes), Juliana Ewing and Wilkie Collins.

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“Victorian Christmas Tales”.

publishing alliance

“Christmas tales”

Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher Penguin Classics

It has been said that Charles Dickens invented Christmas as we know it, and without a doubt no other writer has masterfully evoked the joyful spirit of that date. In fact, the author devoted five short novels to the Christmas festivity set on these dates marked by the meeting of emotions.

This volume brings together the famous story “Christmas Song” along with four others with a festive setting: “The Chimes”, “El Grillo del Hogar”, “The Battle of Life” and “The Bewitched”.

The main themes of the Dickensian universe, such as charity, childhood, popular beliefs, social injustice, dreams and personal redemption, appear in these stories with an amazing fantasy touch.

The set is a book as emblematic of the festivities as it is capable of delighting readers throughout the year.

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“Christmas Tales” by Charles Dickens.


“A Nutcracker Story: A Christmas Carol”

Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

Valley Books Publisher

Every year on Christmas Eve, the Stahlbaums would throw a big party. Fritz and Marie, their children, were impatiently awaiting the arrival of Baby Jesus and the gifts under the Christmas tree in the living room. When her parents open the door to the living room, they find a wonderful sight: the Christmas tree lit by hundreds of candles and loaded with the most amazing toys and treats they can imagine. Their godfather has built a fabulous castle where elegant ladies and gentlemen walk and dance.

His brother has received a cunning red fox and a battalion of hussars with silver swords and horses. And the girl falls in love with the last soldier, hidden under the tree: it is the Nutcracker.

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“Story of a nutcracker”.


«The Bethlehem that God placed»

Henry Monastery

Word Editions

A book full of creativity and imagination in which a very successful poetic intuition pulsates to speak and reflect on the Birth of the Child God.

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«The nativity scene that God placed».


“A Christmas Carol for Le Barroux”

Author: Natalia Sanmartin

Editorial Planet

“My mother believed in fairies and dragons, she said that she believed in all those legendary beings that the memory of men no longer recalls. Not that she was entirely sure. She didn’t believe in fairies in the same way that she believed in God, the Virgin, or the saints. She only said that they could have existed when the world was barely in its infancy and men had not yet become accustomed to the fabulous gifts of God”.

“A Christmas Carol for Le Barroux” tells the story of a motherless boy who tirelessly asks God if what she told him about Bethlehem, the sky and the stars really happened. Day after day, for three long years, he begs for a sign. Until the third Christmas comes…

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“A Christmas Carol for Le Barroux”.


“Letters from the devil to his nephew”

Author: CS Lewis

Editorial Rialp

The originality of its approach, the successful literary style and the sharpness of its author, make this title one of the most appreciated and brilliant of Lewis. It is a masterpiece of satire, ironic and funny.
The book is made up of a set of short letters that an old demon writes to a young demon -his nephew- to teach him the trade of tempting humans. Through this correspondence, important questions are raised that affect everyone’s life. Wormwood, the fledgling demon must see to the doom of a young man.
Lewis describes with great success the currents of thought, the most widespread customs and habits of life in today’s world, and alternates that description with accurate criticism. His novel reasoning is set out in a witty and entertaining style, highly appealing to the average reader.

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“Letters from the devil to his nephew”.


«Traditional Christmas songbook, piano, guitar and voice»

Author: Joan Capafons

Sheet music book for piano, guitar and voice that includes 30 popular traditional Christmas carols in Spanish.
The level is easy, so it is an ideal book for people who already have the basic knowledge to play the piano, but want to continue learning and practicing. It includes graphics with the guitar chords, it also offers the sheet music of the melody of the voice with the syllabic lyrics.
To enjoy magical moments at Christmas with the family with the most popular songs now for piano.
The book includes some of these songs: Adeste Fideles, Arre little donkey, Ay del chiquirritín, Bell on bell, Sing, laugh, drink, Tell me child, whose are you?, The little drummer, In the portal of Bethlehem, Gatatumba tomb, tomb and others.

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«Traditional Christmas songbook. Piano, guitar and voice».

Joan Capafons