‘Cobra Kai’ fixes a ‘Karate Kid 2’ bug

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    If episode 9 of cobra kai It would have been a chapter of Seinfeldinstead of title survivors should have been called directly the limousine. Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) would be Kramer, clearly. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio, Seinfeld. Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) would be Elaine. And Daniel’s cousin, Louie LaRusso Jr. (Bret Ernst), George Constanza. Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) and Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) would represent all the sexualized women of the series. And if it had been an episode of Friends would have been titled or The one in the limo either The one with the fake Chozen weight. Chozen would have been Joey Tribiani. Clearly. Daniel would be Chandler. Especially when he says, “And the weight split in half. I never would have figured out your Machiavellian plan if it hadn’t been for that basket of carrots.” Carmen would have been Monica: “If that weight was fake, didn’t it make you lose money instead of the villagers?” “It wasn’t a very clever plan,” Chozen replies, I say Joey… “It’s funny to remember those times. We were so different,” he continues. The point is that in this scene goal two great mysteries of the universe of the karate kid: why the Cobra Kai series and the previous four movies (those that are part of the Miagui-verse) work and if the error of the karate kid 2 The one mentioned in the weight comment was, really, an error or there was room for another interpretation. We start with the error.

    William Zabka is Johnny Lawrence and Yuji Okumoto is Chosen Toguchi in Cobra Kai


    In Karate Kid 2, Daniel trashes Chozen’s swindler beach bar when he places the carrots on the scales. It is the scene that is then followed by Miyagui singing to Yukie and questioning her about what she felt when her father found out that she had left (TLDR: that she loved him and that he had done well) and admitting that he was wrong not to take her with him. the. The fact is that Daniel arrives with a basket with what are probably the most gigantic carrots in the history of cinema (and that includes any work of science fiction and even the odd porn movie). He is about to put the basket on the scales. He grabs the chains and the balance is unbalanced. He drops one of the weights to the ground barely making a sound, floating like a feather. Daniel picks up the weight and breaks it in two, like a fortune cookie. He cockily glares at Chozen. He has caught you. The villagers jump on him. “Scoundrel, swindler”, they call him. We should have suspected that something smelled rotten in Okinawa because one of the extras, the man with little hair (remember that the film is from long before the trips to Turkey) and blue kimono bursts out laughing, clearly out of his role . those laughs…

    This ruling has always divided fans. For some, he has been considered one of the great kitsch of the film and the saga: if Chozen wanted to deceive the villagers, the fake weights should have been heavy instead of light. In this way, he would have underpaid the villagers, since he would always have tipped the balance in his favor: the products would always have weighed less and he would have paid less. However, being light, he needed more weights, which would point to the local products weighing more than the villagers said. This made Chozen not the villain, but the hero of Karate Kid 2 and Daniel-San the villain, capable of unraveling a complex criminal plot hatched by octogenarian peasants. But this is just one way of looking at it. Because there is another.

    What if Chozen, in fact, wanted to show that the villagers were producing more than they were actually producing and what he was doing was changing the weight so that he could charge them more money for the exploitation of the land? In Karate Kid 2, the land is supposed to belong to Sato and he charges the farmers a fee for working it. If he shows that they produce more than they actually do, he charges more. The money would be there, not in the money that Chozen swindles from them when he pays them. Both options, if you think about it, are valid. That doesn’t affect the fact that Chozen was a petty criminal anyway. The mere fact that the series is positioned and say loud and clear that it was a mistake, should settle the issue, although they could have left it as it was. Especially since that revelation, apart from being an easter egg, lays the foundation for the next scene, which is probably the most important of season 5 of cobra kai. That’s when Johnny says, “All my life I’ve been chased by a crazy kick. I thought if I could go back, do something else, dodge it, block it, my life would be fixed… The kick wasn’t the problem. I had to stop looking.” back. And look at what was in front of me”. That’s what the series is about. Whatever they do in season 6. The series is about that. And that’s why you’re watching it. The least of it is the series’ way of stretching reality to fit a crazy fiction (come on, have you noticed that too?). Then Chozen says: “We are the same. We both make mistakes. We both feel guilt for the pain caused. Now you have friends, family, children. I always wanted that.” And little else needs to be added. There was no need to fix the error. We like the new Chozen in any of his configurations, even a little more if he had been more chorizo ‚Äč‚Äčthan what they want to present him to us now.