D23 2022 Day 2: An excited Harrison Ford grabs all eyes with the new ‘Indiana Jones’ – TV Series News

Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm showed great and long-awaited advances that we will see very soon on the big screen and Disney +.

The second day of the Disney convention in Anaheim, the D23, was marked by a healthy dose of nostalgia. Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox marked a day with the first panel of the day that left fans with their mouths open.

The person in charge of inaugurating the novelties of the panel was made by Lucasfilm with the entrance of the first advance of the series Andor with Diego Moon. First, a very emotional video was shown remembering the Rogue One tape and then they put the first trailer of fiction dating back five years before the movie starring Felicty Jones.

After having seen all the content from Lucasfilm, we can say that the Andor series will give Star Wars fans everything they need in a title: action, incredible locations and, above all, a story with a background that is worth discovering. . In addition, Luna announced that the Spanish dubbing of his character has been done by himselfand the same goes for her co-star Adriana Arjona.

Jon Favreau could not miss revealing some details of the animated series Ahsoka, one of the most anticipated titles of the fans. But, the big surprise has come when it has been revealed who will be in charge of starring in the live action series skeleton crew: JudeLaw. The actor repeats twice at D23 after yesterday, Friday, he presented the live-action film of Disney Peter Pan and Wendy.

It’s the moment of nostalgia

But, if there has been a moment that has marked today and this panel in particular has been the presentation of the new installment of indiana jones. After years of turning the project around and different comings and goings, it is finally here, and we have witnessed how it paints the return of one of the most iconic sagas in the history of cinema.

If seeing the first video preview of the film had already caused a stir in the room, the key moment was when Harrison Ford appeared on stage, accompanied by his co-star. The convention hall has been filled with cheers and applause upon his arrival. No one expected his entrance, and it seems that the actor did not expect such a reception either, since once he began his speech, he had to make several stops due to emotion. Indiana Jons will be one of the most important upcoming releases and, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Another of the pop culture titles that have visited D23 has been Willowthe long-awaited sequel series to the original 1988 film. For its presentation and premiere of its first trailer, its protagonist and icon Warwick Davis could not miss, who gave way to the new and young faces that we will see in fiction.


wonder studios

Although unlike the D23 of 2019, we have not been able to enjoy the timeline with all the Marvel releases that will accompany us in the coming years and their corresponding phases. However, we have been able to enjoy different trailers, and even a small scene, as was the case with the movie Wakanda Forever.

One of the titles that has caused the most exaltation of the fans has been the announcement and visit of the entire cast of the next live action series Thunderboltsstarring Florence Pugh, who was unable to attend the event as she found herself immersed in the dune 2. But the ones who were able to go on stage and greet the fans were David Harbor and Sebastian Stanwhose appearance has driven the attendees crazy. Unlike other titles, in this series we could not see any progress.

Without a doubt, what has predominated the most in the presentation of Marvel titles has been its series on Disney +, of movies we can highlight the premiere in November of Wakanda Forever and also the trailer of the new installment of Ant Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

avatar in 3d

To culminate this panel, James Cameron has been in charge of closing it with a flourish and wanted to share with the audience a few minutes of some of the scenes of the movie. To do this, they have provided us with 3D glasses to have a more immersive experience and immerse ourselves in the aquatic world that awaits us in Avatar: The sense of water.