Did Elizabeth II live 96 years because of her food?

Did Elizabeth II live 96 years because of her food?

The diet of the British is far from being the healthiest, and although the late queen was very long-lived, she was a faithful follower of the most typical dishes of the United Kingdom

Sep 14, 2022 . Updated at 8:55 p.m.

Between what it is good to have a glass of wine a day, and other myths such as Queen mother lived more than a hundred years thanks to the fact that “it was preserved in alcohol” (every day it consumed gin, vermouth, wine and champagne), the excuses are served to launch into the drink. However, doctors do not cease in their efforts to remember that the Alcohol intake It is harmful regardless of its dose. that the mother of Isabel II She was so long-lived, probably for genetic reasons, as happened with the recently deceased monarch, who lived to be 96 years old. Precisely, the sovereign of the Windsor House He did not skimp on dishes and foods that, especially at that age, many doctors remove from the diet. But let’s see who was against him.

The United Kingdom it has, after Malta, the highest obesity rate in Europe. In fact, the former prime minister boris johnson He came to sing the mea culpa recognizing that he had adopted a very lax position on this issue and that he himself had to lose weight. The british diet It’s all about a hearty breakfast that doesn’t skimp on bacon, eggs, or sausage. In addition, they have a large variety of cheeseslike to put sauces on it (the saucemade with the juices from cooking meat and vegetables), they love jam, cakes and, of course, tea. This type of diet has nothing to do with diets such as the Mediterranean and Atlantic, much more focused on healthy fats, vegetables and fish.

Why, if a Frenchman eats cheese, wine and baguettes, does he suffer fewer heart attacks than another European?

Laura G Valley

Queen Elizabeth II perfectly represented what it is to be British, beyond the phlegm and pomp, because of how she ate. As explained by the one who for years was her head chef to the magazine Hello!Darren McGrady, the queen kept a healthy diet but without any restriction. To begin with, he made two breakfasts; the first was weaker, consisting of Earl Gray tea with milk, sugar and biscuits and, a few hours later, a feast was already given: cereals, yogurt, toast with jam and kippers, very popular in the United Kingdom and in the nordic dietand one of the sovereign’s favorite fish.