‘Don’t Worry Darling’: What other films have been surrounded by controversy?

yesThey faced the media around the world looking like sneaky teenagers who had been caught doing something very naughty on a school field trip. When Olivia Wilde and the cast members of her new movie do not worry honey held a press conference in Venice earlier this week, it was quite a complicated affair for everyone involved. What should have been a moment of celebration turned into an ordeal. Pop star-turned-actor Harry Styles, well accustomed to tabloid scrutiny, squirmed uncomfortably. Chris Pine looked down. Wilde smiled sadly.

The suspense Wilde’s dystopian science fiction has been the most debated film of the festival that ends this weekend. However, the focus was not on the performances or the boldness of the director’s aesthetic decisions. Instead, everyone is talking about the behind-the-scenes chaos: the alleged romance between Wilde and his leading lady, Styles, the tensions between cast members, disputes over salary and status, and why the star Florence Pugh did not appear at the press conference.

The film was screened shortly before the premiere at the Venice Film Festival of Blondby Andrew Dominik, his Marilyn Monroe biopic, based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book about the star. After all, Monroe, played by Ana De Armas, was involved in many Hollywood productions that were even more tense behind the scenes than before. do not worry honey. Monroe was a victim of the Hollywood system. Her studies used her, abused her and then spat on her, but when she was in a establish of cinema, he always left chaos in his wake.

“He was perfectly unpunctual. He was never once on time…she could always be counted on…to be late,” Billy Wilder told biographer of him Charlotte Chandler after working with Monroe on Itching seven years Y some like it hot.

Monroe distracted her co-stars and the director. He would stay in his trailer for hours while everyone else got ready to roll. Tony Curtis remembered that when he dressed as a transvestite in some like it hotMonroe made him wait for hours in high heels and a metal jockstrap that prevented him from urinating. Therefore, he “assembled a funnel and a hose” that allowed him to “do my business without going to the bathroom.” Curtis had had an affair with Monroe, but still made his famously vulgar comment about her that romantic scenes with her were like “kissing Hitler.”

In the case of Monroe, Wilder always insisted that “it was worth the agony of working with her” because the results were ultimately very spectacular. “She didn’t know her lines. It’s terrible. Then on the thirtieth take, she was saying it like no one else could.”

Monroe’s pranks were nothing more than an extreme version of what happens in almost every sets of cinema, not only in do not worry honey either some like it hot. This is nothing new in the world of cinema, although we do not always hear about it. Well-paid, handsome actors with big egos, cooped up together far from home, often have affairs, start fights, and spend their free time drinking themselves into a stupor or, like Monroe, hiding in their trailers.

Florence Pugh at the premiere of do not worry honey at the Venice Film Festival, where there were hints of a feud between her and director Olivia Wilde

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“People are very difficult in movies…always!” Oscar-winning producer Jeremy Thomas once told me. “Everyone misbehaves, or most misbehaves. You have to keep that in mind… if you’re going to get mad at everyone who’s difficult in the movies, you’re not going to have any friends left in the world.”

Boredom can lead actors to establish to behave very strangely. In his 2002 memoirs, You are as good as the nextHollywood producer Mike Medavoy writes about the epic “prank war” between Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson on the set of Terrence Malick’s war epic The thin red line. They shot in the Solomon Islands and in the remote interior of Australia. Penn began posting flyers around town announcing a “Woody Harrelson Day” during which Harrelson would sign autographs for $10 each.

Hundreds of people came from all over to get his signature. Harrelson responded with an elaborate prank that ended with Penn running for his life, convinced the police were about to shoot him. Harrelson filmed his partner in his moment of greatest terror and then taunted him with the image. Penn went further with his next tactic, leaving Harrelson “marooned in the rain forest in the middle of the night with no food, no water, and no way home except on foot.” There was only a 40-mile (64-kilometre) walk to the establish.

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis on the set of some like it hot in 1959


Harrelson and Penn were supposed friends. His antics were funny, albeit with a touch of humor. There are many other cases in which the actors detest each other. In that case, the film sets become battlefields.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis were in the twilight of their careers when they were cast in Robert Aldrich’s film What happened to Baby Jane? Davis plays Baby Jane Hudson, a former child actress who takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting her wheelchair-bound sister Blanche (Crawford). When Davis kicks and punches Crawford on camera, she doesn’t hold back.

What happened to Baby Jane? it is based on malice and cruelty, and it works. The two stars gave grotesque and self-parodic performances, but the public, knowing their hatred for each other, totally bought it. The real-life feud between Davis and Crawford became one of the film’s biggest commercial hooks.

The real feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in What happened to Baby Jane? in 1962 it became one of the biggest commercial hooks in the movie


It is a lesson that Warner Bros can learn from when it comes to releasing do not worry honey. A little chaos and controversy on set can boost a movie’s profile, especially when all the gruesome details are leaked into the media. Styles and Pine aren’t exactly Crawford and Davis, but spitting on your rival at your movie premiere, as Styles apparently did, is straight out of the baby janealthough sources close to Styles told the independent that the spit claims were not true

On the other hand, the history of cinema also shows that the most problematic productions are sometimes the most successful. From Francis Ford Coppola, who seemed to lose his mind in the Philippines during the filming of apocalypse nowto James Cameron, who struggled to finish Titanic on time, chaos does not necessarily mean disaster.

The Wizard of Oz It was not an easy film to shoot. “They were little drunks… They got drunk every night and collected them in butterfly nets,” Judy Garland complained about the disruptive behavior outside filming hours of the “little characters” who played the Munchkins in the land of Oz . Gone with the Wind also had its fights behind the scenes. Directors were fired, actors had affairs, there were nervous breakdowns, and black cast members were discriminated against. However, both were one of the biggest hits in Hollywood history.

jawsby Steven Spielberg, was a production famous for its problems. The lead actors, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw, harassed each other relentlessly, the shark model didn’t work well, and the production ran over time and budget. However, it became a huge success and ushered in a new era of summer blockbusters.

There was an epic prank war between Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson on the set of Terrence Malick’s war epic The thin red line in 1998


books like Easy Riders, Raging Bullsby Peter Biskind, and You’ll never have lunch in this town againby Julia Phillips, suggest that no self-respecting director in the 1970s would even conceive of making a movie if it didn’t have a healthy dose of fighting, sexual antics, drug use, and backstage brawling. Filmmakers like Coppola, William Friedkin and Martin Scorsese took advantage of all the turmoil to tap into their creativity.

illicit relationships in the establish they are common and do not necessarily affect a movie. Long before Styles got involved with Wilde in do not worry honeyRichard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, both already married, shocked and moved the media around the world with their romance during the filming of cleopatra (1963). This is a highly troubled production that took years to complete. It was described as “the biggest flop in the history of cinema”, with a budget that, in current figures, is equivalent to about US$350 million. It was about to put 20th Century Fox out of business. However, the Egyptian epic ended up getting its money back.

In the end, Burton and Taylor were also very good at the box office. Styles and Wilde still don’t have the same resonance. A key difference between do not worry honey and all those other movies where pandemonium has reigned behind the scenes is that it was made in the era online.

“As for all the endless tabloid gossip and noise out there, I want to say that the internet feeds on itself. I don’t feel the need to contribute. I think she is already very well fed,” Wilde said during Monday’s press conference in Venice. However, actor Shia LaBeouf’s email to the director, in which she referred to her firing from the film as an “attractive clickbait”, hinted that Wilde was busy fanning the gossip herself to ensure her film received attention. The director had declared to the newspaper Variety that LaBeouf’s “fighting energy” was not “conducive to the best performances” or the “safe, trusting environment” he wanted to create in the studio. establish. In retrospect, his words seem very ironic.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor thrilled the media around the world with their romance on the set of cleopatra in 1963

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Of course, the current hysteria online is in keeping with the theme of the film. It is a story about an alternate reality in which the protagonists refuse to live in the “real” world. By immersing themselves in gossip and ignoring the actual film, journalists and fans behave exactly like the characters in the film trying to escape into their own dreamlike existence.

It doesn’t matter anymore if all those toxic stories leaking out about the production are true. do not worry honey It’s one of those movies where the off-camera theater is so much more compelling than anything we see on screen. Regardless of how it does at the box office when it opens later this month, it’s already given us the biggest soap opera drama of the year.

do not worry honey” opens on September 23 and the Venice Film Festival runs until September 10.