Editorial Usborne, books so beautiful that you want to eat them

The Usborne British Publisherdistributed in Mexico thanks to the efforts of Editorial Mothercommitment to quality publications, both in substance and in form.

“Peter (Usborne) always says that our books are not only very good, but they are the best, a condition to be innovative is inspiration: to see the wonders that our competitors do, and to do them better. Our books have fundamental characteristics to give them the reputation that, within the children’s area, we are the best”, he assures Patricia Sarabia.

She is the in charge of the Usborne Hispanic American market, which has already won the Children’s Publisher of the Year Award, in 2020; even his founder was appointed Commander of the British Order for his contribution to culture and his publishing career.

Any child in the world sees themselves in the stories in Usborne’s catalogue: around 900 titles alive in the UK, which aim to combat stereotypes, “they are very beautiful books, small works of art: they are so beautiful and so juicy that you want to eat them”, Sarabia says.

Usborne was born when Peter found out that he would be a father: from that moment he decided that he wanted to do children’s books, because in the 70s, children did not have quality children’s books, they only had comics or magazines, in addition to radio and television, “so Peter set out to bring the best of all those worlds together”Sarabia explained

Do the best

One of the main characteristics of books is their playful character, “Because we are English, and because we believe that if we make it fun, there will be a pleasure that will encourage learning and the promotion of critical thinking, which is what we are looking for in our readers.”

In the variety of Usborne publications, divided by ages up to 13 years old, and by concept, from toy books to stories for everyone, one of its peculiarities is that “all the books are produced in house, the authors work with us, at just like the designers”, the only thing that is developed from the outside are the illustrations, explains the editor.

Usborne defines itself as an independent publisher made up of 230 people, including 30 editors and 50 designers.,”That allows us to create editorial committees to conceive the idea of ​​a book from the very beginning”.

We care about form and content, that they have to respond to the sign of the times, they must be contrasted and answer the questions that the children of each generation have. It is absolutely essential that the content is reliable, extrapolated and marketable”.

Barely a decade after his birth, the label was already positioned as one of the best publishers in the UKthen he dedicated himself to looking for niches of opportunity, areas that had been abandoned by other publishers, with which he recovered books with stickers, with flaps, to color and puzzles.

Usborne Publishing publishes its books in nine languages ​​and sells its translation rights in more than 100 languages.

“As of today –says Patricia Sarabia–, one of the corporate mottos is ‘do it better’; that is, what is available must be improved and perfected to almost artistic limits”.

extreme care

Among the activities carried out within Usborne is keeping track of all the raw materials used for the books; at all times they know the working conditions of the people involved in the production process of the printers with which they work.
“We know the environmental impact of the inks in our books. We do 300,000 tests before the books go on sale: from a formal or material point of view they are very safe, parents can be very sure that they do not pose any kind of danger to their children”, says Patricia Sarabia.