Emiliano Monge, madness and motherhood – C. Rubio Rosell

In just before the end(Random House Literature), the new novel by emilio mongethe author of works like die of memory, the arid sky either drag that shadowreturns to the autobiographical terrain that he already treated masterfully in not tell everythingnarration in which he stripped his memory to dive into his personal past. Here the protagonist is her mother, a guardian figure around whom moments of madness, scientific discoveries and social situations are woven, themes through which Monge (Mexico City, 1978) traces a portrait of motherhood on an intimate and general scale. According to Monge, in each new work he always proposes that it be “radically different from the previous one” so that his writing becomes a “re-learning” of the trade and a struggle with language. A political scientist by training, Monge is constructing a highly solid polyhedral work where the reader can find the same issues such as migration and violence as the family environment and dystopia, always with an admirable stylistic forcefulness, as in just before the endwhere the writer deals with the subject of madness, which can come suddenly or develop over a long time and which sometimes remains latent or marks people’s lives, at the same time it is a border. The difference between a creator and a madman, Monge has declared, is that one builds a metaphor that he recognizes as such, which he can enter and from which it is possible to leave, while the other also builds metaphors, but does not even reach to recognize them as such. Who is crazy? Who is sane?


Multifaceted writer of maximalist style who is inserted in the tradition of the best of current world literature

the romanian writer Mircea Cartarescu (1956) has been declared the winner of the Romance Languages ​​Award at the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2022. The jury wanted to reward an almost secret author who, however, has given the reader in our language, thanks to the efforts of the Spanish label Impedimenta, masterpieces like The uprising, The dream, Lulu either Solenoidand it stands out well that this poet, essayist and narrator is the possessor of an imaginative and overflowing prose, which combines fantastic and realistic elements in specular fictions that investigate the construction of identity from a liminal and peripheral space in the European landscape. Multifaceted writer of maximalist style who is inserted in the tradition of the best of current world literature, Cărtărescu questions the reader from the oneiric and existential, trying to show that writing is always an inner process where the author becomes a kind of medium of a higher consciousness, where the hand that writes is only an object at his service. The $150,000 cash prize will be awarded to him in Guadalajara next November 26during the inauguration of the thirty-sixth edition of the world’s most important publishing meeting in Spanish.


Felipe Garrido wanted to suggest that Cristina Rivera Garza had perhaps “overshadowed” Ángel, the murderer of the writer’s sister

Narrator, essayist, translator and editor Philip Garrido (Guadalajara, 1942) could have screwed up when at the awards ceremony for the novel Liliana’s invincible summerby Cristina Rivera Garza, who had won the Xavier Villaurrutia de Novela, wanted to suggest that the author had perhaps “overshadowed” Ángel, the murderer of the writer’s sister, as a character of interest in that work, “despite its importance in the plot”. Well, don Felipe fell sharply and was widely criticized for it on social networks. That does not mean, however, that these days, when he has just turned 80, he is recognized as one of the writers who have gone down to the trenches the most, where they learn to read and write to train many beardless people. talents in schools, workshops, publishers and multiple forums, in addition to the fact that he is the creator of an admirable work that includes titles such as spells, The Muse and the Doodle, chronicle of wonders, The need to understand either New World Wonder. It is only fair to congratulate him.

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