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Emotions on the surface at the presentation of the book ‘Y tu Córdoba, qué?’

“And your Cordoba, what?”. A phrase that, without a doubt, many of the Cordobesistas who enjoy and suffer the team from their land on a daily basis will have to have heard at some point. A phrase that, until not long ago, was lapidary for a hobby that could not connect with his team. However, recent times seem to have changed the inertia of the Blanquiverde team, with a crowd that is now proud of a club that is capable of representing the white and green sentiment on the green of the pitch itself. Dedication, caste, courage, sweat and effort is what asks for a Cordobanism that has found many of the great experiences of its fans gathered in this book.

'And your Córdoba, what?', a compendium of blanquiverde feelings

‘And your Córdoba, what?’, a compendium of blanquiverde feelings

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With Salvador Alba as the great coordinator and organizer, the book, precisely entitled ‘And your Córdoba, what?’ collects a large number of stories, memories, experiences and experiences that, without a doubt, will stir something inside many Cordobesistas. It features Salvador Gutiérrez in the prologue, with illustrations by Pepe Farruqo, and with great stories from many of the Cordobesistas who have been present at the presentation. An act that has had more than fifty people gathered in the assembly hall of El Arcángel, and that has also had the presence of Jesús Coca, representing the club’s management; and with Javi Flores and Pedro Campos as representatives of the great captains of Córdoba CF in recent years.

Both Cordobans have shared several of the experiences that have been collected in the book itself, sharing them with those present in a sign of Cordobanism and love for some colors. Perico Campos has recalled how, during his time as a Córdoba CF player, he sneaked in many of the children who gathered at the gates of El Arcángel in search of being able to enter the stadium. A gesture with which he tried to “generate club culture” since “children are the future” and “young people must be encouraged for a prosperous future of Córdoba CF as an entity”. Javi Flores, for his part, has confessed that he feels “very identified” when seeing the book, although he has also recalled that “little by little the response has changed” to which the title of the publication refers. “Now the club culture is being promoted”, he has recalled, while he has stressed that “it is in our hands that this positive inertia in which we are, continues”.

Finally, Salvador Alba has also had a turn to speak, in which he has thanked all those who have been involved in one way or another with the book, and has commented that one of the objectives he had with this publication was “to combine cordobesismo” since “there are no cordobesistas of first, second or third. That each one lives his Cordobanism as he wants, since Córdoba is so, so big, that we all fit”. He also recalled the importance “of the great president of Córdoba CF, Mr. Rafael Campanero, that wherever he is, he is surely proud of what we are doing”. Finally, the Cordoba supporters clubs ATUCOR and Cocinillas CCF have read a speech of thanks on behalf of all the authors of the book, granting those in charge of presenting the work a pin as well as a team shirt signed by all of them.

The book is now available for purchase in bookstores and on the publisher’s own website, Almuzara, for a price of 17.05 euros. It should be remembered that part of the proceeds from the book will go to the solidarity project of the company Gestión y Calor, of which Salvador Alba is a founding partner, and through which an attempt is made to give scholarships to low-income children so that they can afford the monthly payment of their football team. For all those interested, they can acquire the work ‘Y tu Córdoba, qué?’ here.