Filmmaker Paz Encina and her film ‘Eami’ will represent Paraguay at the Oscars

Tape eamiof the director Peace Oak and inspired by the Ayoreo Totobiegosode indigenous culture, will be the representative of Paraguay in the category Best International Film of the awards Oscar 2023.

This was announced on Monday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scienceswhich highlighted that the selection was made after a call that was open to all feature films that met the proposed requirements to compete in the Oscars.

medude It is the story of the Totobiegosode Ayoreo people told from the trance of a girl between pain and healing, with the ability to bear an omniscient-timeless gaze, who from the intersection between documentary and fiction becomes the narrator of this story.”, Says the academy in its review.

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Spanish actress Carmen Maura was in charge of announcing the chosen title

The film tells the story of Eami, a 5-year-old girl, whose name -adds the synopsis- means Monte and means World, who lost her family in an invasion “and then a flight begins”.

She represents the Asoja, “the bird-god-woman of the ayoreo totobiegosode indigenous culture and brings the memories of the past, present and future”.

She listens to the voices of her grandparents while she is accompanied by one of her animal friends, the lizard, who guides her steps. He knows that Eami must leave the mountain. She must leave everything behind and go out so as not to die there”, complements the publication.

Filmmaker Paz Encina and her film 'Eami' will represent Paraguay at the Oscars


For its part, Holm oakborn in Asunción and who is recognized by the tape Paraguayan hammock (2006), celebrated on Twitter the choice of his production, which won the tiger award in the Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR).

With great joy we share the news that Eami is the film chosen by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Paraguay to represent Paraguay at the Oscar Awards in the category of Best International Film. Thanks to all the members of the Academy. It’s a great honor!”, highlighted Encina.

The Ayoreo people of Totobiegosode, settled in the Chaco region, are part of the last aboriginal group in voluntary isolation in America outside the Amazon basin.

Last February, indigenous organizations in Latin America demanded a “urgent action” in favor of this town, warning that it is “at risk of imminent extermination”, according to a joint statement released then by the NGO Survival International.

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