Former employee of Imagen TV exhibits Joanna Vega and defends Gustavo Adolfo; the driver answers

  • Gustavo Adolfo starred in a lawsuit with Joanna Vega-Biestro and more colleagues from ‘Sale el Sol’ on the air.
  • A former employee of Imagen Televisión spoke about the experience working with Joanna Vega-Biestro and accused her of alleged mistreatment.
  • Joanna was not silent and new employees of the television station came out to defend her from the accusations of the former employee.

Much has been made of the lawsuit in which Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Joanna Vega-Biestro were involved on national television in the middle of the live program, when the journalist demanded “not take exclusives” to the program and supposedly “discredit” it on the air .

Now it is ‘Dulce Gipsy’, a former employee of Imagen Televisión and now an influencer, who comes out to talk about her experience working with Joanna, for which she defended Gustavo Adolfo and exhibited Vega-Biestro, accusing her of alleged ill-treatment.

“Whoever works is the result and that’s why Gustavo always has exclusives, and that’s why he exposed it in a public way that maybe it’s not the appropriate way, but when people sometimes bring things here (he points to his neck ) This is what happens. In my case, there was a lot of time, because I did not work a month but more time with her, that I also brought things stored here, “he began to say.

Regarding the alleged bad experiences with the driver, ‘Sweet Gipsy’ commented, “I just lowered my head, did not open my mouth and said absolutely nothing, I cried and went home with courage, until there came a point where Just as Gustavo reacted, I felt identified, because I also exploded, and also said that ‘it was her or me’, and I decided to leave”.

According to the influencer of the Badabun channel, it was supposedly not healthy to work with the journalist because she allegedly made derogatory comments, “I experienced it in a different way and on another type of level, it was no longer healthy to work with this woman who has derogatory comments, she is arrogant , arrogant and does not have the proper manners to conduct himself,” he said.

Likewise, in a video from the past, the influencer commented on her duties on the television station and there she pointed out to Joanna that she supposedly spoke with Image managers so that they would fire her.

Former employee of Imagen TV exhibits Joanna Vega and defends Gustavo

“She treated super badly, she has a reputation for that, for mistreating makeup artists, for speaking badly to employees. She marked me because definitely from then on, I know that she tanned me, because she made me my… It got to the point where I said ‘I think this is not my thing, I’m not cut out for this’… Her name is Joana Vega-Biestro was a person who marked me a lot and I think she knows it because she did a lot of things to me, she even talked to the company’s strongest executives in order to remove me because it was her space, there were times when She said she doesn’t come in, take the microphone away from her, so I came out crying,” he said.

And she ended by detailing, “I was the one who did everything, writing, I was the one who rated the material, I was going to cover the events, I worked on the news at 7 in the morning, so I had to prepare everything at night so that the day next the main conductor read it and presented it”.

Joanna Vega-Biestro responds to the influencer

Before the words of “Sweet Gipsy”, Joanna responded on social networks and defended herself by saying that the performance of the influencer was the factor that determined her to stop working on the television station, “we love to get on the train hahaha, there are scripts of her mistakes that affected the screen, it was his performance (not only did he work with me) that the company, not me, decided that he should not be. But talk to Erick Alarueva or Giss Lara, who entered her place. Lies, anyone,” she stated.

Later it was Erick Alarueva, the young man cited by Joanna, who spoke about it and commented, “Let’s stop putting our feet up to others, stop trying to attract attention by taking advantage of uncomfortable moments. Here is my experience working with Joanna, without a doubt, a respectful and upright person and to whom I will always be grateful for what she has done for me”.

Finally, Joanna thanked her for her words and mentioned, “Wow! Thanks. With this I stay. This is what life is about. I did not know you would make this video and I will always keep it in my heart. Thank you for the time we worked together and today for your words… You almost made me cry, ”she concluded.