Guide to short (and Chilean) books to read on National Holidays

Perhaps one of the most relevant authors that have emerged in recent years, this is -to date- her last publication. Vía Kindberg signed in 2020 these 7 stories that go through dystopian universes. All combined with more everyday things like people on vacation, university students abroad, addicts to technology, couples without children and even nods to pop culture (there is one to the song Goodbye yellow brick roadof Elton John, for example). In some cases, it leaves open endings where the reader ultimately decides what happens. An unmissable in excellent 130 pages.

You can apply as a very short novel, or a 28-page short story. It is in a 46-page bilingual edition by Ediciones Metales Pesados ​​(from the homonymous bookstore, in Fine Arts). It is the story of a narrator who suddenly inherits a truck from his deceased father. And at the idea of ​​a friend / lover named Luis Miguel, he begins to work on it. Then Nadia shows up and they form a moving company called Fantasia. Although like everything in Zambra, it has an unexpected ending.

In 19 short stories published by Alfaguara, placed in 130 pages, the outstanding national author delivers some stories in which, with a lot of humor and some irony, she narrates situations anchored in reality and with a lot of pop culture. Shakira, Raquel Argandoña or even the Harry Potter universe, of which there is a kind of spin-off, parade through its pages. About this volume, she commented in 2021 to this medium: “I did it so that people laugh, that was my intention and that is what I hope.”

Turning to the essay genre, the Chilean author who is giving the world talk, Benjamín Labatut, cannot be overlooked. Recommended by Barack Obama himself in 2021 as one of his favorite summer writers, for a terrible greenit was also on the final list for the Booker Prize (which it ultimately did not win). In this brief, but remarkable 71-page book edited by Anagrama, he quickly tackles the subject of madness. More than as a disease, Labatut poses it as a response to reality. It is a book to go through.

It is the latest novel by the author of Young and Crazy. Published by Plaza & Janes. In its pages he begins narrating a voluntary exile. It is the story of GG -an alias of Gutiérrez herself- who wins a scholarship to go to study in New York, and there she will meet another girl, who welcomes her into her house, and also meets an old friend of hers. childhood. In 120 pages, the author of her includes some of her obsessions, such as pop culture.

Original from 2011, this book that brought together 6 stories was reissued in 2021 by Montacerdos. Now, in 9 stories, totaling 135 pages, Soto unfolds stories anchored in reality, stories of forgotten fictional singers, drug users, half-siblings, or old men who tell stories. A fan of Bolaño, but also of the Beat Generation and Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, these are stories that go to the fiber of those places less visited by society. to take fully into account.

Finalist of the prestigious Herralde Novel Prize, in 2018, its remarkable 182 pages tells the story of Ania, who must go to a funeral for her uncle Agustín, in Argentina. This makes her reconnect with her childhood years, family memories that intersect with temporalities since the second half of the 20th century. A book that invites a certain intimacy and nostalgia for past times and that makes time slow down. A whisper in the midst of the vortex. Posted by Anagram.

If you want to read something that goes beyond the mere story, this is the name. black box it is a novel that, strictly speaking, is a pastiche of different stories that cross the underground. With his bold prose, indebted to Pablo de Rokha, in his 200 pages pass a filmmaker turned terrorist, a glam singer who in a certain way imitates David Bowie and settles accounts with his father, some twins who direct cult gore movies, a seer, the coup, the dictatorship. Everything crosses in different directions, and it is the reader who joins the different loose ends. An experiment? Yes, but remarkably well done. It was published in 2006 being Bisama’s first novel and is found via Laurel.

Beware of this name. She is a notable Chilean writer who published this, her first novel, in 2021. Alejandro Zambra himself said of this book: “It is a novel that whispers and dances at the same time. The author wrote a beautiful book about pain and the possibility of being rooted that can be read as a very personal declaration of love for literature”. On a New Year’s Day, between cumbias and cola de mono, a family is confronted with secrets that it has kept hidden for years, and that make more than one person uncomfortable when they see it. With solid writing, Pino seems to be a veteran writer, but no, she is the force of a talented pen.

It is the last novel of the outstanding national author. In its 191 pages, a narrator returns by chance to the apartment where he lived 20 years ago, and in the middle of an antique auction, he suddenly comes across memories of him. Friends, women, lovers, all those people who in a certain way formed him and turned him into a man come across him. Sorrows, appearances, hypocrisy, everything appears in a nostalgic look. Somehow it is a training novel, always necessary.