‘Harry Potter’ Characters Inspired by Real People: Who Really Are the Leads?

JK Rowling was inspired by people around her to create the characters that would change her life.

Adaptation of one of the most popular literary sagas of all time, Harry Potter is in turn one of the most famous film franchises and its characters, a group of young wizards who attend the now mythical Hogwarts School, are popular throughout the world thanks to the actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Ruper Grint, among others. others.

The characters, settings and different episodes of the adventures of Harry Potter are remembered almost to the millimeter by its legion of fans, who are often as much from the novels by JK Rowling as from the homonymous feature films that its adaptation to the cinema gave rise to. . Set in the 1990s, the first novel by Harry Potter was published in 1997, while the last one was released in 2007. The films, for their part, were released between 2001 and 2010. In short, more than two decades of Harry Potter that have made Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, the Malfoy brothers, Voldemort and company undisputedly part of popular culture.

However, when JR Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneHe had no idea of ​​all this, nor of the real phenomenon he had on his hands. In fact, it was his first foray into literature. A) Yes, To create his characters, he was inspired by people who really exist, especially those around him, of whom he keeps both good and bad memories.. Do you want to know who it is?

Harry Potter

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Interpreted by: Daniel Radcliffe.

JK Rowling was inspired by a good childhood friend of hers when she created Harry Potter, the protagonist of the story that would bring her worldwide fame. The author’s friend shared a last name with Radcliffe’s character. His name was Ian Potter and, as the writer recalls, he lived four houses down from hers in the Bristol neighborhood where he grew up and was really mischievous.

Potter now works as a waterproofing technician, and Rowling particularly remembers how she liked to dress up as a wizard and how common her pranks were with slugs, which she put on her friends’ plates at picnics.

hermione granger

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Interpreted by: Emma Watson.

JK Rowling was inspired by herself to create the most intelligent and insightful character in the saga and also one of the favorites of both readers and viewers. “I didn’t want to make Hermione look like me, but it’s an exaggeration of what I was like when I was younger,” the author said in an interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Rowling further admitted that Hermione’s insecurities and her fear of her failure are two aspects in which she certainly recognizes herself personally.

Ron Weasley

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Interpreted by: Ruper Grint.

JK Rowling was inspired by someone very, very special to her to create Ron, the third member of the strong core protagonist of the Harry Potter stories. Her best friend was called Sean Harris, he works as a British Army officer and, in the past, he was the first person she knew about Rowling’s literary concerns, whom she gave her support and pushed to pursue the dream. her. In fact, Rowling dedicated the second film in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, to him.

Although the writer has admitted that it was never her intention to make Ron like Sean, the truth is that she does have a lot of him in some way, since Harris has always been for JK Rowling that faithful and trusted friend that Ron is for Harry throughout. the history. “He was the first person I really discussed my serious ambition to be a writer with and he was the only person who thought I would succeed at it, which meant a lot more to me than I told him at the time,” Rowling said. .

severus snape

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Interpreted by: Alan Rickman.

JK Rowling was inspired by a chemistry teacher John Nettleship at the Wyedean School in Gloucestershire (England) where she studied to create Snape, a character much loved by fans and who she herself has recognized has always been one of the most popular. have enjoyed writing.

“I was horrified when I found out,” the professor told This is Gloucestershire when he learned that Rowling had been inspired by him. “I knew he was a strict teacher, but I didn’t think he was that bad.” She, for her part, remembered him as a very unpleasant guy. His name from him? He had nothing to do with it and simply came up with it in honor of Snape’s small English town of Suffolk.

marge dursley

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Interpreted by: Pam Ferries.

JK Rowling was inspired by her own maternal grandmother, Frieda Volant, whom the author remembered for her unkind ways and for preferring the company of “her dogs to her human relatives”. And from that starting point is how the appreciable character of Aunt Marge was born, bulldogs included. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Aunt Marge was Harry’s uncle’s sister.

Dolores Umbridge

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Interpreted by: Imelda Staunton.

JK Rowling was inspired by a person of whom she has very bad memories to create Dolores Umbridge and the truth is that it shows, since she is one of the least loved characters by fans. With an irritating personality, evil nature and cruel attitude, Dolores Umbridge is born to a teacher who “profoundly disliked at first sight” the writer.

Describing the real-life person, whose name she does not share, Rowling says that the teacher also liked to wear flashy accessories, such as Umbridge’s extravagant and sparkly outfit, and she especially remembers a hair barrette that the teacher used to wear and that would have been appropriate for a girl, but that the teacher only made her seem “even more repellent”.

hagrid red

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Interpreted by: Robbie Coltrane.

JK Rowling was inspired by a Hell’s Angel biker she met in the West Country. Like Hagrid, who is intimidating from the start due to his large size, the biker’s appearance shocked the author from the start, but she quickly picked up on his kindness and love of gardening.

Half human, half giant, the keeper of the keys and grounds of Hogwarts arises from the bikers who took over the West Country and spent the night drinking in the local pubs and, interestingly enough, he was one of the first Harry Potter characters he created. Rowling.