How to know if a person is eating well? Experts answer

 How to know if a person is eating well?  Experts answer

Having a balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, many confuse eating with feeding. The first is the act by which we eat food, as it is normally known, while eating is, on the other hand, the intake of a set of foods that provide different nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. .

But how do you know if what a person eats is really nutritious? Here the answer.

Silvia Saénz, a nutritionist at Mondelez, points out that for a balanced diet, it must include all food groups, since the more variety, the more nutrients will be provided. She also indicates that it is crucial to be aware of the portions that are consumed.

“When we consume a food, we must do it consciously, take the time to identify what we want and make the best choice.take the appropriate portion, take advantage of the time to fully enjoy it, without distractions, and check if you are satisfied”, indicates Sáenz.

With regard to making a good food choice, reviewing labels is also a key tool because it allows identifying the nutrient content of products and thus making more informed decisions according to the needs of each human being.

On the other hand, in addition to knowing how to combine food, the emotions of each person play an important role. For example, when someone has anxiety and associates it with eating, it is recommended that they have a space to identify if what they really have is hunger.

The same happens with stress, which can affect the eating pattern, generating more desire to eat and compulsively and excessively consume food in some people; or failing that, in others there may be loss of appetite or eating less than usual. Additionally, stress can impact the proper functioning of the body, such as digestion, affecting the absorption of nutrients and, in turn, generating discomfort abdominal pain, colitis, constipation or diarrhea, among other conditions.

It is important to mention that food and emotions are closely related; These can influence food choices, but equally, the foods you eat can influence your emotions.

“Sometimes we eat something that makes us feel happy, because it reminds us of something nice or because it makes us feel relaxed. This happens because when we consume food, they generate the release of certain substances in our body that cause those emotions to be generated. Likewise, depending on the quality of the diet we have, it can have a positive or negative influence on our state of mind”, Silvia expresses again.

Finally, Saénz suggests that, in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, in addition to having a balanced diet, physical activity, adequate hydration and rest should be included. Likewise, it is emphasized that it is essential to take the time to identify if you are hungry or under some emotional circumstance or boredom.

“If we consume food without actually being hungry, we are possibly going to eat more than we need,” Silvia concluded.

Does migraine have to do with food?

In Colombian territory, more than five million people suffer from migraine, a condition even more intense than a simple headache and that can trigger strokes and, in turn, death.

Similarly, it is necessary to mention that food is one of the essential elements to prevent migraine. Excessive drinking of alcoholic or highly caffeinated beverages is one of the poor eating habits that this condition produces.

*With information from Dattis Consultores.