How to View Battery Percentage on iPhone: All Ways

How to View Battery Percentage on iPhone: All Ways

If you want to know the exact percentage of battery that your iPhone has left, you have many options to see it quickly.

How to View Battery Percentage on iPhone: All Ways

Knowing the percentage of battery that we have left in the iPhone is something we all want to know several times a day. Despite the fact that in the upper right area of ​​the iPhone screen we have a battery icon, many users want to know more information, and that is achieved by knowing the exact percentage of battery that we have left.

Fortunately, we have several different ways to know battery percentage on iPhone. In addition, since iOS 16 you can now put a new battery icon that does not go down, it only shows the percentage of battery remaining.

iOS 16 Battery Percentage

With iOS 16 the battery percentage returns to the iPhone status bar

So you can see the percentage of battery that your iPhone has left

Activate the icon with the battery percentage

As of iOS 16 anyone can activate the new battery icon that shows the percentage directly in the status bar on the iPhone, just above the battery icon. It is the best way to consult it since it is very fast and permanent, although you should know that it will be there all the time. To activate it follow these steps:

  1. Enter the app Settings of the iPhone.
  2. Now tap on Drums.
  3. In the upper active area battery percentage.
battery percentage

This is what the battery percentage indicator released in iOS 16 looks like

From Control Center

This is an easier and faster way to check the percentage of battery left on your iPhone. you should only swipe from the top right corner on the iPhone down to bring up Control Center, and next to the battery icon you will see the percentage what do you have left It is also something that is not permanent and only comes out when you slide the Control Center.

iPhone Control Center

iPhone Control Center

Asking Siri

Siri is capable of doing many thingsand few take advantage of its full potential. Among many things, Siri also knows the percentage of battery that our iPhone has left, so you just have to ask her. This can come in handy when you’re in the car or don’t have your iPhone accessible, and it works with other Apple devices as well.

Hey Siri, how much battery do I have left?

iPhone battery percentage with Siri

Siri knows how much battery your iPhone has left, just ask it

With the battery widget

There is no doubt that widgets speed up our lives and in iOS we have a battery widget with which you can see the battery percentage at a glance What’s left for the iPhone? And by the way, you can also see the remaining battery of other devices such as AirPods or Apple Watch. This is how you can configure it:

  • Touch and hold the screen until the icons vibrate.
  • At the top left you will see an icon with a “+”.
  • Pressing it will open the widget menu.
  • Now find the battery widget, choose its size and click on Add widget.
  • You can also set the battery widget on the new lock screen.
add widget ios 14

This is how to add the battery widget

This widget will be present on the home screen, and also on lock screen in the left area if you have configured it.

Creating a shortcut

This is a somewhat more elaborate, but effective way. With Shortcuts we can create many things, including one that indicates the percentage of the battery. We can even configure it to tell us the battery at a certain time or to activate when we double-tap the back of the iPhone. For this type of use it is a very useful function.

This is how this shortcut is created:

  • Enter the Shortcuts app and click on the + button and on Add action.
  • Type “Battery Level” and tap on the action.
  • Now click on the +, type notification and click on Show notification.
  • Tap where it says Hello world!, delete it, and then tap Battery level.
  • Now tap on Next and then give it a name.
battery shortcut

Creating a shortcut to know the battery percentage is easy

Since Automation you can make this shortcut appear at a certain time or when arriving or leaving a place. And from Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Touch Back We can configure it so that when we touch the back of the iPhone two or three times, the battery percentage appears.

Connecting the iPhone to power

Finally, there is an extra way to know the battery level of your iPhone and that is connecting it to the current. Whether using a Lightning cable or a wireless charging pad, when iPhone starts charging, you’ll see the battery percentage on the screen.