If you’re looking for fall reading, these are the books our favorite actresses recommend

When choosing a book, many of us let ourselves be guided by the recommendations of people whose criteria we trust. Nevertheless, how many times we wish that those people were the actresses whose style freaks us out or that give life on the screen to the characters with whom we identify. It’s okay because they may not be our best friends yet but doing a little research through their networks and interviews we can find out about their literary tastes. Here are those of three women who have us in love: Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoë Kravitz and Emma Corrin.

We know what book Rosalía is reading and it has already become the viral reading of the summer

Anya Taylor-Joy

Quarantine during the pandemic left us with a lot of free time at home to read. A moment in which models like Kaia Gerber took the opportunity to start their own online reading club or in which we were able to find out about the books that women had at home. celebrities analyzing with a magnifying glass the shelves in the background of their interviews via video call. In the case of Anya Taylor-Joy, she made our job easier by creating a highlight on his Instagram account in which he was filing the photos of all the novels he devoured. We especially liked these two:

All that I can’t sayemily pine

emily pine

This book is an exploration of everything women are supposed to hide: addiction, anger, sexual violence, euphoria, sensuality, and love. Ella pine she writes with radical sincerity about events that for forty years she had not even admitted to herself: her father’s alcoholism, her inability to get pregnant, rape and addictions. This is her story, but it is also a blow against the oldest pact of silence: the female body as a source and vessel of pain and pleasure.

All I Can't Say (Random House Literature)

All I Can’t Say (Random House Literature)

AnimalLisa Thaddeus


Joan has spent her entire life enduring the cruelty of men. When one of her lovers shoots himself in front of her after discovering her having dinner with another man, she flees New York in search of Alice, the only person who can help her. In the hills of Los Angeles, Joan will go through her memories in search of the terrible moment that marked her childhood and that has haunted her ever since. Animal is a visceral exploration of the cruelty of the world of men and the portrait of the fury of a woman in its purest form. Erotic, emotional, throbbing and brutally honest, Joan’s voice narrates the anger and power of women in our society.


Zoe Kravitz

The new Catwoman liked the book by American writer, teacher, editor and commentator Roxane Gay so much that Kravitz he personally and publicly thanked him on Instagram for writing this book:

bad feministRoxanne Gay

bad feminist

When the writer Roxane Gay called herself a “bad feminist”, it was a joke, thus acknowledging that could not meet the perfection requirements of the feminist movement. For her, we live in an exciting world, full of distractions that we like and that obsess us, even if they go against our principles. She likes rap music, although she is aware of the sexist clichés of many of the authors of it. She also likes absurd cinema, the color pink, getting hooked on series like Girls and even read fashion magazines. Roxane Gay uses examples from pop culture and her own life to be able to talk about abortion, motherhood, sexual harassment…

Bad Feminist (INTERLINES)

Bad Feminist (INTERLINES)

Dakota Johnson

Let Dakota Johnson show her house in Architectural design was more than enough for his fans to come up with a list of books to read based on the titles they managed to guess stored on their shelves. But, in particular, these two look very good.

excellent womenBarbara Pym

excellent women

Mildred Lathbury, the narrator, is a single woman living in London who fills her time with various chores in the parish, having tea with friends, doing charity work and meeting the needs of others. She is intelligent and observant, but also shy and insecure, partly due to her single status, since many would like to see her married and her in her early thirties. In addition to her good friends, Vicar Julian Malory, and her sister Winifred, Mildred becomes intimate with her neighbors, the Napiers, who have just moved in downstairs from her house. She will also meet Allegra, a widow who stays in the parish, and a host of other characters. Mildred will be involved in various matters of a sentimental nature..

Excellent Women (GATOPARDO)

Excellent Women (GATOPARDO)

so little lifeYanagihara only

so little life

A story that traces more than three decades of friendship in the lives of four men who grow up together in Manhattan. Four men who have to survive failure and success and who, over the years, learn to overcome economic, social and emotional crises. Four men who share a very peculiar idea of ​​intimacya way of being together made of few words and many gestures. Four men whose relationship the author uses to carry out a detailed investigation of the limits of human nature.

So little life (Narrative)

So little life (Narrative)

emma corrin

We discovered her playing Diana of Wales in The crown and we fell in love with her impeccable and daring style on the red carpet. And it is that this girl is perfect because she also loves reading and has a secondary account dedicated only to talking about books. There we have found these two recommendations with paint:

The Copenhagen TrilogyDitlevsen

Home Copenhagen Trilogy Tove Ditlevsen 202102231521

Copenhagen Trilogy brings together in one volume Childhood, Youth Y Dependencethe three seminal books by Tove Ditlevsen, hailed as one of the most important and unique voices in 20th-century Danish literature. During her life, she had to deal with the tension between her vocation as a writer and her roles as daughter, wife and motheras well as her condition as an addict, which led her to write about the female experience and identity in a way that was ahead of her time, connecting with current events and discussions around feminism.

Copenhagen Trilogy (Paperback)

Copenhagen Trilogy (Paperback)

the lonely cityOlivia Lain

the lonely city

Human, provocative and moving, this book tells us about the spaces that unite people and thingsabout sexuality, mortality and the magical possibilities of art. The Lonely City is a dazzling work of biography, memorandum, and cultural criticism and a celebration of a strange and enchanting state, remote from the larger continent of human experience, yet intrinsic to the very act of being alive.

The lonely city: Adventures in the art of being alone (ESSAY)

The lonely city: Adventures in the art of being alone (ESSAY)

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