IX edition documentary film Pajareros will start in La Casa Encendida

The ninth edition of the Documentary Film Cycle “Birders” will start on October 4 as part of a series of documentaries on birds and conservation that will be screened on the four Tuesdays of next month at the Casa Encendida.

The films, which represent current environmental concerns, review topics such as the state of wetlands and their essential role in the journeys of many species, the life of birds, conservation, the experiences of ornithologists or some projects on birds.

The film series, organized by La Casa Encendida and the NGO SEO/Birdlife, aims to “bring all possible facets of the world of birds and nature to society”, in an initiative that unites science, culture and leisurethe coordinator of the event, Josefina Maestre, has affirmed.

Screenings and other activities

After the screenings, there will be discussions with experts such as José María Rey Benayas, professor of Ecology at the University of Alcalá and president of the International Foundation for the Restoration of Ecosystems; Borja Milá, researcher at the National Museum of Natural Sciences; or Andy Green, Research Professor at the Doñana Biological Station.

According to what the organization has pointed out, the film “The Laws of the Serengeti“, “one of the most important science stories of our time, with profound implications for the fate of life on our planet“.

On October 11, a session for children and families with the screening of four animated shorts from Switzerland, France and Spain – “the green bird“, “Boo’s journey“, “The little bird and the bees“Y”Flying” – which will alternate with games and special interventions on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Club Aventurer@s, which has more than a thousand children and youth members.

The third week (October 18) three short films will be broadcast – “The ones with the grass houses“, “feathers in flight“Y”hargila” – about the birds that build the largest nest, the technology that allows their migration to be accurately mapped, and an activist who rallies a community around one of the world’s rarest storks.

Two short films will close the cycle on October 25 – “Bench Devaux“Y”wings over water“- the first one about a flock “only”, able to hide in plain sight and the second, on the migratory journeys of the sandhill crane, the yellow warbler and the mallard. EFEgreen