Los Angeles District Attorney Gives Update on Marilyn Manson Case

More than a year after the start of investigations into alleged sexual violence by Marilyn Manson – Brian Warner by birth – on several of his ex-partners, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office gave a new update on the case.

Through an Instagram Reel, the district attorney, George Gascón, indicated that the matter continues to be handled by the County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), but has not yet been forwarded to his office. “We assure you that we frequently request updates on the status of the investigation. We are committed to providing specialized trauma care to all victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence,” he stated.

“We understand how difficult it can be to recognize yourself as a victim, especially when the case involves this level of notoriety. We are dedicated to treating them with the highest levels of care and respect,” she added. “Once we receive the case, it will be carefully reviewed by a qualified prosecutor to determine if it is consistent to press charges. We expect LASD to bring the case to us sometime this month.”

In 2021, ROLLING STONE published a report with all the information known up to that time about Manson’s alleged sexual abuse and harassment of ex-partners and former collaborators such as Ashley Waters, Ashley Morgan Smithline, Esmé Bianco, Sarah McNeilly and Evan Rachel Wood. The article collected testimonies from the victims, recounted Warner’s reprehensible conduct that had been overlooked by the industry, and presented his defense statements.

Earlier this year, Wood made an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival for a screening of his documentary phoenix rebornwhere she addresses all the abuses she was a victim of during her relationship with the musician and how the scourge prompted her to become a defender of victims and survivors of gender violence. “We were focused on talking about empowerment, something that would provide resources for women and men who are trapped in abusive situations. That was what we were doing … until she decided to name it publicly, “said the director of the film, Amy Berg, at the time of the announcement.

The actress had already spoken openly about a situation of abuse that she had suffered from a former partner, but it was not until February 2021 that she publicly mentioned the name of Brian Warner. The complaint prompted a series of accusations from other women, including Bianco and Smithline, who revealed the abuse to which they were exposed during their relationships with the artist.

Manson has consistently denied such accusations – which include rape and sexual, physical and psychological abuse – and last March sued Wood for defamation, emotional damages and impersonation of the FBI. According to the legal action, actress and activist Illma Gore posed as agency officials to persuade women to file complaints against her.

Shortly after, Wood responded during his appearance on the show the view: “Clearly I can’t talk about the details, but I’m not scared, I’m sad because that’s how this works. That is what survivors who try to expose someone in a position of power experience, this is part of a retaliation that seeks to silence them.”

So far, no news is known about this latest lawsuit.