Lupillo Rivera exploded against Gustavo Adolfo Infante for saying that he sings in seafood restaurants: “He contradicts himself no more”

(Getty Images South America / Media and Media)
(Getty Images South America / Media and Media)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante continues to give what to talk about after the heated discussion that he carried out with his companions Joanna Vega-Biestro, Ana María Alvarado and Álex Kaffie during a live broadcast of the morning that they lead. Now, the entertainment journalist is involved in the scandal because he made a derogatory comment about Lupillo Rivera’s career by saying that he sings in seafood restaurants and, as expected, the Bull of the Corrido he replied.

It all started a few hours ago, when Dulce attended as a special guest at First hand to talk about his time The Challengera reality show where artists imitate other stars. During the talk, the interpreter of Your doll He attacked Lupillo for the alleged attitude he had with her during the program.

It doesn’t get to me because if it were someone who was truly important to me, well, maybe it would hurt”, he declared. Gustavo Adolfo Infante continued with the interview asking about the musical successes that the singer has released throughout his career and both Dulce and the hosts said they did not know any.

“I have never seen or even announced a concert of his, I do not take away any merit, obviously he will have it somewhere,” continued the 67-year-old interpreter. “If he’s singing at seafood restaurants back in California, that’s fine.”, commented the journalist. “Give everything, work is work,” added Dulce.

The singer left the reality show after five weeks.  (Instagram capture: @dulcelacantante)
The singer left the reality show after five weeks. (Instagram capture: @dulcelacantante)

The Tamaulipas native explained that during her stay in The Challenger noticed a degree of preference of Lupillo Rivera with a contestant, which ended up bothering her, because she considers that it was not fair for the competition: “It became something very advantageous.” But that’s not all, as explained by some followers of the show, they noticed that Jenni Rivera’s brother supposedly made gestures of displeasure against her.

“It is sad what the man did. Blessed God I am whole, my life goes on […] is a foreign person who comes to our country, arms are opened to him and I think that the least you can do is be respectful towards the citizens of this country that give you a space, a place“, said.

These statements reached the ears of Lupillo Rivera, who responded with great respect to the Mexican singer through his Twitter account. Instagram: “Thank you, Dulce, I will always be a fan”. But the situation was different with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, because he considers that he is somewhat annoyed with him because he has not wanted to give him new interviews.

Here you can see how unprofessional it is, where it just contradicts itself because I don’t want to give it interviews“, wrote.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante with Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado.  (Photo: Instagram)
Gustavo Adolfo Infante with Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado. (Photo: Instagram)

The interpreter of Big leagues added a video where he retrieved a fragment of the interview he gave him about three years ago to The minute that changed my destinywhere the journalist is heard recognizing his extensive career. Lupillo Rivera also took the opportunity to ask the television station to reconsider having Infante as a collaborator and recalled his encounter with Joanna and Ana María Alvarado.

“He treats his colleagues badly… it’s outrageous that @imagentvmex has no control over everything he does…,” he concluded.

Lupillo Rivera responded to the journalist's forceful comments, but he is not the only one.  (Photo: Screenshot)
Lupillo Rivera responded to the journalist’s forceful comments, but he is not the only one. (Photo: Screenshot)

So far, Dulce and Gustavo Adolfo Infante have not made any statements in this regard. However, Lupillo Rivera’s publication was filled with reactions to the entire situation that the entertainment journalist is facing.

“That Gustavo is on the side who gives him interviews or are they his friends.” “My Lupe, you are the king just like that, the bull of the corrido.” “I don’t know any of her songs, but the despised yes I know @lupilloriveraofficial and if you sing in seafood restaurants, palenques, even auditoriums, you have a long history my Lupillo”, they wrote.


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