Mercadona has the remedy for children to eat fruit

El remedio de Mercadona para que los niños coman fruta

Those who have children at home know how difficult it is sometimes for them to eat certain foods, especially fruits and vegetables. And, of course, we cannot leave them without eating these foods, They are basic in the food pyramidits nutrients are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and more so during the growing season. For this reason, all parents are always looking for these foods in new formats in supermarkets and shopping centers to see if, presented in another way, they don’t realize what they really are and they eat them.

The trick we think is in “trick” them a little with their eyesthat is, give them fruits and vegetables in a totally different way so that they do not realize what they really are and thus eat them without question. And this is when Mercadona comes into action, our favorite food establishment by far, to help fathers and mothers in this arduous task of giving their children a good diet. The proposal that we bring you is this Mercadona pocket fruitthe easiest format to give fruit to the little ones in the house.

Mercadona pocket fruit

With how delicious fruits and vegetables are and how natural they are, the truth is that we do not understand very well why there are so many children who its flavor and texture generates so much rejection. Let them tell their parents, who have to suffer this situation and invent thousands of stories to get them to give them even a small bite. Mercadona, as we have just mentioned, has the perfect solution so that, both parents and children, be happy: some because they get them to eat fruit without question and others because they think they have gotten away with eating fruit when, in truth, they are eating it. Read on to find out more about these Mercadona pocket fruits.

Mercadona pocket fruit
Mercadona pocket fruit, photo: ©Mercadona

These Mercadona pocket fruits they have all the nutrients of this food group since they are different fruits, 100% natural, which have been crushed and put in a pocket-sized packaging, which allows them to be consumed very easily and at any time of the day. The good thing about these Mercadona pocket fruits is that the fruit itself continues to maintain all its flavor and nutrients, although for the eyes of the little ones in the house it looks more like a candybecause of the format in which it is presented.

These pocket-sized mashed fruits They are perfect for back to school. Since children can put them in their backpack without taking up any space, they are very comfortable to transport. In addition, these Mercadona pocket fruits can consume them people of any age since they are just as beneficial as those that do retain their original appearance. To summarize its characteristics, this new Mercadona fruit format is made up of 100% natural fruits that stand out for their great comfort and ease of consumption, they do not contain lactose or added sugars and, ultimately, they are presented in a format that makes them a quick snack to eat and very nutritious.

Other characteristics of this fruit format Hacendado

Another positive point of this Mercadona pocket fruit is that it is an ideal drink for both babies and children, that is, it is very easy for small children to eat since, being crushed, they have a slightly liquid texture that makes children do not have to chewbut they can be swallowed directly. This packaging is perfect to be taken as a mid-morning breakfast at school, on excursions, the park, as a snack at homeetc.

It is also ideal for adults of all ages to eat, for example, it is a very practical format for eating in the office as a healthy snack when the bug bites you, to take it to the gym or to do a cycling route and take it after training to recover energy since the fructose it contains, purely natural, helps the muscles to recover after physical exercise.