Mich Rubalcava fulfills his threat, and exposes ‘rags’ by Gustavo Adolfo Infante

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The controversial discussion between Gustavo Adolfo Infante and his companions from the program ‘Sale el Sol’, Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana María Alvarado, provoked other confrontations between the journalist and some of his companions who belong to the entertainment industry.

One of them was Mich Rubalcavawho threatened to uncover situations he faced when he worked with the journalist in case Joanna was fired, as they did with him in 2021.

Gustavo responded by assuring that the reason he had been fired from ‘De Primera Mano’ was because he arrived drunk and flirted with the executives of Imagen Televisión.

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So once again, Rubalcava He defended himself and through his YouTube program he replied: “I take it with a lot of laughter, but something that has bothered me a lot is that he is a man who has made fun of the LGBT community a lot, who has harmed a lot of people, both from the artisteada as well as the non-artisteada”.

“He is a man who does not touch his heart, who has offended, has hurt, has defamed, I invited him to go and get evidence that I was going and offered myself to the executives,” said the host of ‘Chismorreo.

The journalist explained that although on weekends he shares stories accompanied by his friends and drinking, during the week he does not usually try a single drop of alcohol, because he does not consider himself a drunk as his former partner said.

“I like to pour my ‘drinks’ but from that to say drunk, because for me the connotation of drunk is someone who drinks every day, someone who comes to work drunk and from Sunday to Thursday, I don’t drink a drop of alcohol , that man projected himself on me. That man sees something in me, positive, that he doesn’t like, I don’t know what that man needs to clarify with himself, I don’t know what the issue was always with me, but he had a fixation with me,” he said.

IG: @michrubalcava

The driver assured that when they worked together, Infante used to get upset when they wore the same shoes and would find a way to humiliate him or make him feel bad before going on air.

How did Mich Rubalcava respond to Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s accusations?

However, that was not all, because it seems that he is fulfilling his threats, and through the same medium, he published an interview he did in 2021 with Isis Hernández, a trans girl from Tijuana who confessed to him that he had exchanged a series of messages with the journalist during the pandemic.

“Mr. Gustavo Adolfo Infante is a very rude person, in fact in an interview with Lupita Jones he refers to us as gentlemen, he says that we will always be men, for me he is a very rude person… The man once He spoke to me on Instagram and told me how beautiful I was, how beautiful, when we went out to eat and when I visited him in Mexico City, “said Isis, who participated in Miss Trans 2022.


According to Hernández: “He asked me for my WhatsApp and I told him no, I didn’t like to pass on my personal contact because I didn’t know him, and besides, I already had references from that man, I asked him ‘what for?’ and he told me ‘just to have your contact’, and he blocked me. Who knows what the end of him was.”

The model assures that at that time she had nothing to do with the media, she was only studying and teaching mathematics, so she does not understand why the journalist was looking for her.

“But I say, hey why do you speak so badly about the community or about trans girls and you are looking for trans girls, he didn’t look for me for an interview, I didn’t know the reason, nor the reason why he looked for me and I didn’t see him, no feet, no head. And telling me how beautiful, I said, what?, if she is a married person, she left me intrigued, or could it be that she does it to cover the male’s eye “.

Mich Rubalcava For his part, he commented: “I find Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s behavior strange, that the note is not that he likes trans, but that being married he sends messages to someone else… He has damaged the community a lot with his comments “.