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The film directed by Alberto Rodríguez will open the 70th edition of the San Sebastián Festival before it hits theaters on September 23.

The successful director Alberto Rodríguez returns to the big screen. The Spanish premieres the September 23 his next movie model 77. A story inspired by real events of friendship, solidarity and freedom that deserves to be seen in movie theaters. But first, the world premiere of the film starring Javier Gutiérrez and Miguel Herrán will take place at the 70th edition of the San Sebastián Festival.

Rodríguez also co-writes the script with Rafael Cobos. After winning ten of the 17 Goya awards for which he was the minimal islandthe successful creative tandem repeat on model 77. A title that refers to the mythical Barcelona prison and the year in which the real events on which this exciting film is inspired take place.

the history of a country

model 77 it’s a movie that it goes far beyond the story in a prison. The film also tells what happened in 1977 in Spain. A moment in which the country was changing and in prisons the arrival of that transformation was also longed for. This episode of collective struggle for the dignity of prisoners in Spain is also the reflection of a society seeking a new horizon.

The film follows Manuel (Miguel Herrán), a young accountant imprisoned and awaiting trial for committing embezzlement. For this crime, the protagonist faces a disproportionate sentence of between ten and 20 years. So he and his cellmate Pino (Javier Gutiérrez) join a group of common prisoners that is organizing to demand an amnesty. Thus begins a war for freedom that will shake the Spanish prison system. If things are changing outside, they will have to change inside too.

In addition to Miguel Herrán (The Money Heist) and Javier Gutierrez (the minimal island), the cast is also made up Jesus Chariot (to the fish), Fernando Tejero (the one that is coming), Catalina Sopelana (The laws of the border), Xavi Saez (The innocent), Alfonso Lara (The Fortune) and Javier Lago (riot gear), among others.

Opening at the San Sebastian Festival

julius vergne

The 70th edition of the San Sebastian Festival begins on September 16 with the screening of model 77 in the Kursaal Auditorium. A privilege available to very few Spanish directors in the recent history of the contest. In this way, Rodríguez’s relationship with the Donostiarra festival that began in 2000 with his debut feature, The Pilgrim Factor.

Rodríguez has a long history with the contest, since his films 7 virgins (2005), the minimal island (2014) year the man of the thousand faces (2016) won the Silver Shell for Best Actor for its three protagonists: Juan José Ballesta, Javier Gutiérrez and Eduard Fernández, respectively. Also, in 2017 he presented for the fishthen converted into the first series that participated in the Official Section of the festival.

Remember: from September 23 you have an appointment in the movie theaters with model 77the prison drama that tells the story of a country.

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