Monterrey International Book Fair returns after pandemic

One of the most emblematic cultural events in Nuevo León will return to the scene this coming October when the 30th anniversary of the International Book Fair (FIL) Monterrey.

Which, due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19It suspended its passage in the years 2020 and 2021, but in 2022 it returns and with free access to all events.

Organized by the Tecnológico de Monterrey, this year’s fair will have the state of Coahuila as a special guest.

The Wagon Pavilionlocated behind the rectory Monterrey Tech, It served as the venue for the announcement of this special edition of the event whose motto is “More than a fair”.

For this, and to enhance the event, the presence of Consuelo Sáizar, Melissa Segura Guerrero, Ana Sofía García Camil, Judith Ruíz Godoy, and Mario Adrián Flores was present.

Within the strategic alliances this year, there are those made with the government of the state of Nuevo León, the state Ministry of Culture, the government of Coahuilathe Secretary of Culture, and the government of Monterrey.

On the side of the sponsors are Banorte, Coppel and the INE, and within the allied media is the Multimedia Groupamong others.

For the presentation of this thirtieth edition, which will take place at Cintermex, from 8 to 16 OctoberConsuelo Sáizar, director of the Fair, explained that they have developed a program that includes debates, talks, conferences, recitals, book presentations and poetry nights, among many other actions for this year.

“In this edition, the Tecnológico de Monterrey endorses its commitment to the world of reading, of thought,” he stressed.

The program for this 30th anniversary will have the post-pandemic, migrations and the subversion of women as its main axes, and within the most relevant events a hologram conference by Alexander Jodorowsky.

For this great event there will be 17 thousand square meters of exhibition of the leading character of this story: the book.

On the part of the government of Nuevo León, there will be the Children’s Pavilionwhich will carry out activities designed to create a sense of belonging to the natural environment and value for caring for water.

And on the Coahuila side, a pavilion in which the cultural wealth of the neighboring state will be exhibited, not only literary, but also gastronomic and all the arts.

“We have designed a special program for young people,” added the director of the Fair.

This 30th anniversary, he added, will feature more than 550 authors and more than 900 events.

The voices

“This event is very important for Tecnológico de Monterrey and for the entire community, and we are honored to have the state of Coahuila as a special guest.

“Even though we had the pandemic, today we are very excited to bring our fair back, the most important in the north of the country,” he said. Mario Adrián Flores, representative of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

“A humanistic reflection is urgent,” he stressed. Judith Ruíz Godoy, from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

“Coahuila comes with everything to the Monterrey International Book Fair, and we are deeply moved by this great honor.

“We have prepared an extensive program that includes more than 30 events, we have spared no effort and we will have a monumental pavilion in which the cultural wealth of Coahuila will be exhibited,” he emphasized. Ana Sofía García Camil, Secretary of Culture of Coahuila.

“We are going to promote books and reading to the little ones in the children’s pavilion.

“With an offer of 16 children’s shows, 55 performances, 13 workshops and 751 activities available for girls and boys,” said MElissa Segura Guerrero, Secretary of Culture of Nuevo León.

“Only with the programs in Nuevo León and Coahuila it would already be a great fair, with the Children’s Pavilion of Nuevo León, the largest of its kind, and the cultural project that Coahuila will bring is amazing.

“The publishing industry is the industry of memory,” he commented. Consuelo Sáizar, director of the Monterrey International Book Fair.