Not so traditional snacks that you can prepare this September 15

que comer noche mexicana

The celebration for the anniversary of the Mexico’s independence and this can be seen, experienced and savored in the streets. The decorations in green, white and red colors already upholster houses and businesses to celebrate the national month.

The Dinner September 15 is a time of celebration, gathering and a lot of Mexican pride and, as good Mexicans, they cannot miss the food and the drink.

If you’re looking to get off the cymbals and snacks common, such as pozole or pambazos, we give you some ideas so that you have a very Mexican while enjoying food not so typical of the season.

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Charro beans

The bean is a national pride, the versatility of this food and its important role in the milpa and the nutrition of the Mexican, make it more than worthy to be on our tables in this next Mexican night.

Photo: @mexicoinmykitchen

This preparation is simple, although it has multiple ingredients. They can carry chorizo ​​and pork rinds, Chili tree and jalapeños for a spicy touch, you can not miss the tomato and onion and there are even those who add sausage for an extra indulgence.


The corn It must be present in all Mexican homes during these national holidays, as it is the basis of our people’s diet, not to mention its ability to make everything from dough to popcorn, depending on its variety.

Photo: @davidkfp18

A great way to incorporate it into your Dinneris in the form of schists. Whether with white corn or cacahuazintle, this soupy and flavorful appetizer will be the star of the night, with a little lemon and chili that stings.

pleasure taco

A cold delicacy composed of tortilla corncrispy piece of pork rind, slice of avocado, double cream cheese, green sauce, lemon and green chili to finish off bite after bite.

Photo: @ozkaro_

You can add the national colors with a little pico de gallo, also called salsa flag.

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The molotes bananas are a dish that is customary to prepare and eat in some regions of Veracruz and Tabasco. Although its origin does not have a precise date or record, it is believed that it was born thanks to the cultural mixture of African cuisine and mexican.

Photo: @chapulinrest

You can add them as a delicious and economical option, since few ingredients are needed, which you can find in the market at reasonable prices and they go a long way.

Tacos al pastor

It doesn’t matter if you’re chilango or not, the tacos al pastor has conquered palates throughout the country. Fulfill the dream of many and put together a top of meat to be a taco for one night, all your guests will be pleased.

Photo: @savorysweetlive

don’t forget the tortillas taqueras, which you can find in some tortilla shops; the sauces, onion, cilantro and a pineapple.

Clotted cream biscuits

For dessert, you can make these snacks that fill parks and squares with their aroma. They are cheap, because you only need cream, wheat flour, sugar and cinnamon.

Photo: @akire_san

You can get creative and fill them with all kinds of ingredients, such as cajeta, chocolate, jam or a little ate.

Enjoy Mexican cuisine this September 15 and shouts with great pride for the vast gastronomy of our country.

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