Raúl Velasco: They were the three artists vetoed by the host of “Always on Sunday”

It is no secret to anyone that Raúl Velasco came to be considered the most important man in the entertainment industry in Mexico because he was practically in charge of deciding which artists he sent or not to stardom and because of this It is said that on different occasions he abused his power to freeze the careers of some artists with whom he had some differences.so this time we present you three artists who were vetoed by the headline of “Always on Sunday”.


Ricardo Gonzalez Gutierrezwho was better known as “brush”had an intense rivalry with Raul Velascowhich began at the end of the 1970s, when the famous little clown appeared andn “Always on Sunday” by direct orders from “El Tigre” Azcárraga, which was not to the liking of the presenter, who had already rejected him weeks ago, however, the public’s reception was also so good that Televisa offered him his own program and this ended anger the presenter.

The program of “Cepillín” reached a more than acceptable rating since its first broadcasts and this would have bothered the driver, who after a few months on the air He would have been in charge of moving his influences to get the “little clown on TV” off the airwho in different interviews accused Raúl Velasco of vetoing it and assured that this was the reason why after shining on the small screen he did not receive an opportunity on Televisa again, however, the driver never spoke about it.

“Cepillín” attacked Raúl Velasco on different occasions. Photo: Special


Just a few days ago, the members of the famous female group of the eighties recalled that Raúl Velasco was a key element in the success of FlangeHowever, they also assured that not everything was honey on flakes because the presenter had his character and to show this they assured that He even vetoed them because he considered them “communist”.

“Hernaldo Zúñiga invited us to Nicaragua to sing to “los pipitos”, which were all these little ones who had been “casualties” of war and When we returned, they banned us from the television station, they scolded us, Mr. Raúl Velasco made us look and I don’t know how much and I did answer him and said ‘hey, you were the unifier of America and I don’t know how much?’ ‘But for communist children? Here we do not support communism’ and I said ‘well, they were children’”, were the words with which Ilse María Olivo recalled this unfortunate episode they experienced with Raúl Velasco.

It is worth mentioning that, The Flans did not go into details and did not reveal how the punishment was liftedhowever, this It is not the only horror story that they lived with Raúl Velasco because it is said that he came to make unseemly proposals to support the careers of the three members, but this has never been proven.

“Flans” got its fame largely thanks to ” Siempre en Domingo “. Photo: Special

Villa fight

For many years, Lucha Villa was one of Raúl Velasco’s favorite singershowever, in the early 1990s they had a strong argument over money issues that ended with “La Grande de Camargo” being banned from Televisa and for this reason the singer had to look for opportunities in other television stations where her career was losing strength, likewise, it is said that years later, motivated by her desire to return to the ranks of Televisa, she underwent the failed cosmetic surgery that forced her to permanently withdraw from the stage.

As on other occasions, Raúl Velasco never spoke of this disagreement and we only have the testimony of the renowned designer Mitzy, who was in charge of revealing this story.

Lucha Villa became one of Raúl Velasco’s favorite artists. Photo: Special


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