Samsung revives ghosts and its new Galaxy Z Flip4 suspends in resistance

Samsung revives ghosts and its new Galaxy Z Flip4 suspends in resistance

The popular youtuber Zack Nelson has put the Galaxy Z Flip4 through his usual resistance tests, with a very negative and disappointing result.

Samsung revives ghosts and its new Galaxy Z Flip4 suspends in resistance

Already with the fourth generation in storesmany users are taking the step to try a folding smartphone for the first time, especially with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and its format clamshell in mind both for prices and for its functionality, comfort and versatilitythat on a day-to-day basis are one step above the formats phone more classics.

In any case, and although both our analyzes and the rest of the reviews agreed on robustness and great feel in hand provided by the terminal, it seems that after going through the test table of the popular youtuber Zack Nelson, these folding phones are still not ideal for all audiences: the Galaxy Z Flip4 has once again failed JerryRigEverything tests.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, resistance test of JerryRigEverything

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip4 suffering at the hands of JerryRigEverything.

Not surprisingly, Zack Nelson himself tells us in the extensive video dedicated to the Galaxy Z Flip4 that despite the finishes in Aluminum Armor and Gorilla Glass Diet of Corning, there is still less durable plastics in flexible panel framessomething that greatly compromises the overall scores of the device.

We are therefore before a smartphone of robust chassis and high-quality materialsbut it certainly is compromised from the factory by its moving parts and by the very nature of the plastic polymer that protects the internal screen. In fact, the thin layer of ultra thin glass It is protected by a movie also plasticexcept for the internal camera that only has the ultra-thin glass developed by Samsung.

Here’s JerryRigEverything’s full stress test:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, review: the formula for success now more refined

The Galaxy Z are delicate phones and are not suitable for all types of users

As for marks and scratches, you can already expect the results, because the glass Gorilla Glass Diet we have seen him on countless devices holding up very well as long as we are below level 6 in the Mohs scalesomething that is fulfilled again in the Z Flip4 and in its external screen.

The internal and flexible screen It’s another matter, because at hardness level 2 it already shows problems and even a fingernail could leave permanent marksif we press with some force on any point. This is extensible to any sharp object… Be careful!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Close-up of the finishes of the Galaxy Z Flip4.

The protection against liquids is IPx8 so we can wet the terminal without major problemsalthough remember that there is in no case certified resistance to dust, particles and sandthat could enter the hinge damaging it, so be careful when you take a Galaxy Z to the beach or similar places.

In any case, Zack has also tried it and the new hinge seems to protect itself quite well from dust ingress thanks to those brushes embedded in its internal part.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is more durable than its previous generations, but in reality, due to its concept and its flexible panel, it is still a mobile not suitable for the most adventurous or those who work in dangerous environments.

Refering to fireproofbecause the outer panel with Corning glass perfectly withstands a direct flame, while the internal panel with its plastic protector starts to melt almost immediately and forever.

The last test is the most interesting in this case, since a torsion test on a smartphone that bends is almost necessary to verify that the Samsung hinge is indeed very good. The Galaxy Z Flip4 resists, in fact, and remains 100% functionalalthough an internal click is heard when bending it with force that may indicate some internal breakage in the hinge mechanism.

The one more thing usual arrives with the magnets that hold the terminal closedwell after so many kennels what Zack Nelson has done to his Z Flip4 unit it no longer stays closed and magnets seem to have lost their effectiveness becoming unusable.

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