Supposed insults attributed to AMLO come from an apocryphal book

Social network users spread fragments of an alleged book that, they point out, contains statements by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador against people living in poverty and the Armed Forces.

However, it is false information.

The phrases attributed to the president come from the apocryphal book “All power to the new emperor of Mexico”, of which there is no official recordbut that, later, a person took up and published in the Amazon store to warn about misinformation on social networks.

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And, in this sense, there is no public information about any Arnulfo M. Licona Ocaña, the apparent writer and historian who appears as the author and who shares the initials of the name with that of the Mexican president: AMLO.

Since 2021, no registration

During September 2022, Twitter users have spread these fragments and even a thread with these phrases reached 6 thousand interactions since September 12.

According to these publications, the book exhibits how López Obrador calls people in poverty “a ball of hungry and miserable (sic)”, while the Army and Navy “they are infested with corrupt people blinded by greed and the love of moneyThey are highly dangerous.”

A search with the CrowdTangle tool shows that the oldest public reference to these statements and the book is a Facebook post from June 21, 2021, spread from a page that identifies itself as a comedian.

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In that message, which has the same insults that are currently spread, they state that “they tell me that the Servants of the Nation are removing from bookstores and shops and that they have even hijacked a truck that was traveling to the city of Puebla with a shipment of 12,000 copies”.

However, CrowdTangle also shows that on Facebook there is no mention of this book and its author prior to that datenor that there is any report on the allegedly hijacked truck.

The same goes for Google and Twitter.: Your search tools return no allusions, citations, or the title of the alleged book before June 2021. Also, the text or the author nor do they appear on the portals of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, Educal, El Sótano or Gandhi bookstores..

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That is, there is no record that the book ever existed. and the mentions towards him are after the post of a page that identifies itself as a comedian.

Book sold on Amazon warns of misinformation

After the disinformation publication was spread in 2021, a book was published on Amazon, only in Kindle version, which is also titled “All power to the new emperor of Mexico.”

Although some users on Twitter claim that it is the aforementioned book, it is actually a 17-page publication that includes the post with the insults, but states:

“Well, I have the good or the bad news that there are no records of that book, it turns out that this title was not registered in any physical or digital bookstore, nor in the ISBN database, the same as the author, no information about him has been found.”

“Someone with a good imagination came up with it and from there this false information was born. This is a good example so that we know how to analyze, investigate and inform ourselves correctly before affirming any information that ‘reaches us’”.

Thus, although the book sold on Amazon entitled “All power to the new emperor of Mexico” resumes the publication with the insults attributed to López Obrador that has been circulating since 2021, clarifies that it is misinformation.

In conclusion: The statements attributed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador against people living in poverty and the Armed Forces come from an apocryphal book, of which there is no record, nor of its author, until it was mentioned on a page that identifies like comedy.

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