Televisa catalog exhibited: After 10 years withdrawn and without exclusivity, actress arrives in mourning for ‘Hoy’

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho has been retired from soap operas for 10 years, reappears on networks of the today program of Cookedbecause it was pronounced after the death of her ex-mother-in-law. Is about bright Starwho spoke about death of the mother of the father of their children, MijaresMrs Pilar Moran. The artist, who a few years ago was involved in a tremendous scandal for the televisa catalogmoved by the words he gave in front of the press.

As will be recalled, the so-called ‘America’s Bride‘ debuted in the San Angel TV in the 80s when he starred in Chispita. Later she participated in unforgettable melodramas such as Chispita, Alborada, Bonds of love, Tomorrow is forever, I am your owner Y For her I’m evathe latter in 2012. Since then, she has not returned to fiction, since she is more focused on music. She recently went on tour with her ex-husband, Mijares, whom she divorced in 2011 after more than a decade together.

Lucero and Mijares

A few years ago, Lucero was involved in a strong scandal because a photograph of her supposed file with personal data was leaked, which they claimed was part of the controversial ‘catalogue’ of Televisa actressesalso called ‘prosticatalogue‘, in which allegedly actresses were offered to investors and in return they received leading roles and more work. The existence of this has never been confirmed, which is why Lucero declared in an interview aztec tv that she was never part of anything like that.

I think the Televisa catalog does not exist, never in my life have I seen someone who has a Televisa catalog, I think it is an urban legend. I’ve never been in a catalog,” he said.

After an alleged veto of Televisa after lose your exclusive contractLucero returned to the company last year to be a judge in The Challengerfor which he did not return this year. However, he appears in networks of the today program because they resumed the statements he made for the morning of Univision Wake up Americawhere he lamented death of his ex-mother-in-law It happened a few days ago at the age of 90 and clarified if it is true that they did not get along in their 14-year relationship with the singer.

Instagram @awakeamerica

And it is that last September 8, through his account InstagramManuel Mijares confirmed the news and sent an emotional message thanking all the signs of affection he received after confirming the death of his mother, so now the interpreter of war tactics He spoke about the subject: “Yes, with that sorrow, but the point is that as the consolation that one has in these moments of thinking that she is already resting and that she is in a beautiful, calm place,” she shared.

Later, the singer and actress wished her ex-husband’s family a lot of strength and encouragement so that they can get through this painful moment and stated that as soon as she found out what happened, she contacted Mijares: “The whole family is very calm, very peaceful that she left in peace, that she is resting, and well, these are things that happen”. On the other hand, she shattered the rumors that they had a bad relationship and even emphasized the admiration that he feels for her.

Instagram @awakeamerica

“Sometimes those comments I do not know where they come from, or why they come or why they are made, the truth is that we get along very well, a lady, a woman who raised her children, always in the best way after to have widowed so younga strong woman, with big eyes, a dancer, fantastic, and we got along very well,” she shared, stating that MorĂ¡n already had a while bad healthyso his death was not sudden.

“Not really, no, she was already tired for a little while, it is difficult to be here giving her opinion and saying so many things, but may she rest in peace, may God receive her in his arms, the family is calm and I wish them a lot of resignation,” he said. Finally, Lucero spoke about how she has supported her children after the death of her grandmother: “I think that she, already that little angel in heaven, will be taking care of my children, her children and I think they will be fine.”

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Source: Tribune