Televisa did not want to “give” the National Classic to TV Azteca – Sniper


What a sensational week awaits us, as if it were a double day and the end with Clásico and the Canelón and Triple G lawsuit, in addition to Pumas-Cruz Azul, which in recent tournaments is a guarantee of a show.

Well, I’ll tell you that for him America-Chivas, tomorrow or at the latest on Wednesday, they will announce the prices and dynamics of the tickets for the Azteca, which will surely go on sale until after tomorrow’s Santos game.

There will be no condition for them to be more Americanists in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, although it is expected that they will be the majority only because of the packages that they previously sold to subscribers, which allowed them to purchase tickets for the games in the final stretch of this phase. regular. But we already know that the stadium is normally divided between Águilas and Chivas. Paint for entrance. Let’s see.


By the way, yesterday I told you in a chuirer about the case of the Sabadaba broadcasts, with the Clásico and the Canelo lawsuit in Las Vegas. From the outset, let me tell you that the option for TV Azteca to show América-Chivas was on the table, but Televisa immediately removed it, because in the end those from Chapultepec no longer wanted to sell them the rights to the duel of MX League to those of Ajusco. It was a “yes, let’s see” that since it was expressed was actually a “no, nothing”.

The issue is that the Aztecs did sell Álvarez’s third fight against Golovkin, because they had already agreed to it before, they respected their word despite the fact that they could have done the same as TUDN, of refusing to eat their great event alone. Later, the Televisos did not consider that they should correspond to the rival television station by giving them the rights to the Clásico in the Coloso de Santa Úrsula. Afraid to compete with them? The answer is obvious, right?


It is true that Cruz Azul has had a break in terms of the results at the hand of Potro Gutiérrez, and still dreams of getting into the Repechage, they have everything in their hands, but there are players who do not see theirs with the fans and now not even with Directive.

These are the cases of the historic Cata Domínguez and Rafa Baca, two celestial champions who continue to be recriminated with boos from the cement fans. My smurf ear told me that now the board is fully involved in letting themselves be carried away by the stands and social networks and they have already painted the cross for the next tournament.

Beyond the fact that they are two men with the color blue tattooed, who emerged and fought from below to earn a place in La Maquina, the high command is tired of the claims of their followers and they are planning their departure for December.

Another metamorphosis is coming in Blue Cross and simply that Cata and Baca no longer enter into plans for the profound changes that are intended to be made in the institution.


Well, there was a scandal about Pachuca’s beating of Tijuana this day, especially because André Marín assured that the Xolos helmsman asked the Tuzos “to lower him, not to score so many goals”; In addition, the driver stated in LUP of Fax Sparts that he “was about to have madrazos at the Hidalgo Stadium.” But here is your Franco to tell you the reality of the subject.

From the outset, nothing to do with what the communicator said, it is not real that Valiño asked Almada to stop scoring and even less so that they were going to grab each other. At the end it was the coach of Pachuca who demanded a throw-in from the Tijuana team, who only looked at him and made a face, but never asked him to lower the revolutions.

I asked several of those present from both clubs on the benches and they all agreed that it was not how Marín told. Moreover, at the end of the game, the Tuzos strategist went to give Xolos a hug in the best of plans. So, that’s how gossip is made.


Other claims that did happen this weekend were in the Women’s, well, they set fire to the duel between San Luis and Tigres, with the royal press charging the potosinas helmsman with a candle, but for those of us who did see the game, we can give you context.

The regias were grown at the break, already winning 1-0; They even reprimanded Sierra for talking too much. In the complement, those of the Mexican Aleti equalized and there the Amazons stepped on the accelerator, dancing at the Alfonso Lastras. The problem was unleashed with Mayor’s great goal, the fifth, at 94′, after which some Tigres soccer players celebrated on the local bench and made fun of it, especially Solís, the substitute goalkeeper.

And it hit Fernando Zamayoa in the pride, who came out blowing fire with the whistle and of course he complained to the felines, that it was not correct for them to make fun of the rival like that. As it was the only shot that passed the ESPN signal, it went viral and from there the friendly press took hold to attack the Potosí strategist, but the joke was from the Amazons. One more Fair Play foul against Tigres. There is no doubt that true greatness does not need the humiliation of the rest.