Televisa rehearsed the montage of the Cassez-Vallarta case up to 2 times: Emmanuelle Steels

The journalist Emmanuelle Steels affirmed that the authorities were the main responsible for fabricating the deception, however, she said, this situation was taken advantage of by Televisa Y aztec tv to confuse society and try to define their direct participation.

Mexico City, September 12 (However).- The team of Televisawith the journalist Paul Reinah, Y Luis Cardenas-Palominoformer director of Federal Security of the Federal Police in charge of the operation of December 9, 2005 at the Las Chinitas ranch, rehearsed on at least two occasions the staging of the arrest of the French break florence me Israel Vallartaassured the journalist emmanuelle steels citing what was denounced by Vallarta, who has been in prison ever since, without sentence.

“What Israel Vallarta affirms, a summary of the few conversations I was able to have with him, is that Pablo Reinah and the Televisa team arrive at 6 in the morning, they are rehearsing there, he says that they do two previous rehearsals of what they are going to do, they do two preliminary rehearsals where they ask him questions and he refuses to make the confession that is expected of him. On the one hand, there is Luis Cárdenas Palomino constantly beating and mistreating him,” the French reporter said in an interview with Álvaro Delgado and Alejandro Páez on the program. Journalists which is broadcast on YouTube through the SinEmbargo Al Aire channel.

Emmanuelle Steels, author of the book The theater of deception Cassez-Vallarta: history of a montageHe explained that he had the opportunity to speak with Israel Vallarta when he was imprisoned in the El Altiplano prison and had not yet been given the opportunity to speak about the case.

Cover of the Cassez-Vallarta theater of deception book: history of a montage Photo: @ManuSteels

In one of the talks, he said, Israel Vallarta revealed that Luis Cárdenas Palomino and Carlos Loret de Mola himself encouraged Pablo Reinah to hit him.

“He remembers that in one of these trials where he resisted Pablo Reinah got exasperated, showed impatience and claimed Luis Cárdenas Palomino that he was not confessing and Luis Cárdenas Palomino encouraged him to hit Israel Vallarta. What Israel Vallarta also tells is that at the same time Carlos Loret de Mola was also encouraging Pablo Reinah to hit Israel Vallarta.”

Given the accusations that are included in her book, Emmanuelle Steels affirmed that Pablo Reinah threatened to sue her for not telling the truth.

“Pablo Reinah accused me that he was going to sue me for sowing lies about him, it seems excessively cynical to me because it was one of the first times that Israel Vallarta was given the floor, who had to remain silent and silenced all these years and Pablo Reinah that he was the only journalist so far who had been able to ‘interview’ him, because in reality he had interrogated him while he was being tortured, he did not admit that Israel Vallarta could speak freely with a journalist and denounce what had happened to him. What Mr. Reinah only apparently accepts is that this interview with Israel Vallarta be given under torture when he did it.”

Despite the disqualifications by Pablo Reinah, who denied at all times having participated in the montage, Emmanuelle Steels indicated that the only thing she could do as a journalist was give a voice to a person who had been tortured and silenced so that he could give his opinion. version of events

“Pablo Reinah tells me that I can’t prove it, obviously I can’t prove it, but what I can do as a journalist is give voice to a person who has been tortured and silenced for so many years to give his version of the events […] On the other hand, Pablo Reinah lies at all times, and even prints it in his book, when he says that I never contacted him to ask for an interview,” he said while revealing an email from Reinah.

Pablo Reinah was able to demonstrate that the Police never informed him that everything was a setup. Photo: Pedro Marrufo, Cuartoscuro.

On the morning of December 9, 2005, when Florence Cassez, along with her then-partner, Israel Vallarta, were arrested as they left the Las Chinitas ranch, attended by police from the then Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), commanded by Genaro García Luna, accused of belonging to Los Zodiaco, a gang of kidnappers, and against holding two people against their will.

Luis Cardenas Palomino, former director of Federal Security of the Federal Police, called two journalists, Pablo Reinah from Televisa and Miguel Aquino from TV Azteca, to interview the victims and their perpetrators live in what is said to have been more of a montage.

In the television broadcast, the Frenchwoman was somewhat surprised at the arrest. Puzzled by not knowing what was happening. The media and opinion leaders began to speculate about a possible set-up, due to the way in which Televisa journalist Carlos Loret de Mola narrated the actions.

From that moment, the coverage was branded as staged by federal authorities in collaboration with the television station. Years later he would serve on the defense to free Florence.

Florence Cassez is escorted by her father and elements of the National Institute of Migration moments before her release from the Tepepan prison, on January 23, 2013.
Florence Cassez is escorted by her father and elements of the National Institute of Migration moments before her release from the Tepepan prison, on January 23, 2013. Photo: Special, Cuartoscuro

The video of Cassez’s arrest reached the eyes of then President Nicolás Sarkozy, which caused a strong diplomatic conflict between Mexico and France. Then, the French president announced a boycott of all Mexican tourist destinations and canceled the celebrations for “The Year of Mexico in France”, to be held in the “City of Light” as a retaliation.

The case was brought before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), which issued an amparo on January 23, 2013, ordering the immediate release of Cassez, arguing violation of his human rights; however, she was not acquitted of her guilt. Upon being released, she left Mexico and sought asylum in her country.

Vallarta, for his part, is currently imprisoned in the federal prison El Altiplano despite the fact that he has demanded his freedom because he was a victim of torture.

Emmanuelle Steels affirmed that the authorities were the main responsible for fabricating the deception, however, she said, this situation was taken advantage of by Televisa and Tv Azteca to confuse society and try to delimit their direct participation.

“This is a deception by the authorities, let’s not get confused, Televisa and Tv Azteca did not fabricate this file, they did not bring victims planted in Israel Vallarta’s house, there some journalists have every right to proclaim their innocence, hence, let’s say, they are taking advantage of society’s ignorance to sow confusion and make people believe that they have nothing to do with the montage”.

Finally, the journalist stated that she began working on the Cassez case with some prejudice, as she thought that it was a French woman who was seeking to escape justice thanks to her nationality.

“I approached this case with practically the same prejudice that any person in Mexico would have, I thought that it was a French woman who had gotten into a problem and who was seeking through her nationality to escape justice and seek a certain privilege. ”.