The 5 best books available on Amazon for adults to learn English easily

Is one of your resolutions for the month of September to learn English? Do you already have a base and want to improve your vocabulary or your pronunciation? It’s never too late! If you don’t have time to go to an academy, also There are other options to learn English from homeat your own pace and according to your needs. You can improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension or simply learn the language from scratch.

The keys to learning English from home are simple: you need to dedicate some time to it every day, be constant, responsible and commit to your ultimate goal. The reward is great! Also, some of these books show revolutionary methods that will make learning much easiersince memorization is completely eliminated to make way for understanding. There are also books looking for a learning from entertainment, fun and laughter and even through stories or novels that hook you from the first pages.

We select five books, available on Amazon at a cheap priceto fulfill once and for all the goal you have been pursuing for so long. They all follow different methodologies and aim to reinforce learning from different areas: some affect grammar, others vocabulary or reading comprehension. They also stand out for having the translations to the texts in Spanish or the resolution to the exercises in order to consult doubts or check the mistakes, because there is no better way to learn than from the mistakes themselves.

‘How To English: 31 days to be an independent student’

'How to learn English 31 days to be an independent student'

‘How to learn English 31 days to be an independent student’

Adam David Broughton has set out to teach you up to 62 techniques for learn English independently in just 31 days while you get the level you’ve always wanted and enjoy the process. In its 348 pages you will learn to master fluency, stop making grammatical errors, expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and perfectly understand English at a conversational level.

And you will not only learn English skills, but also to stay motivated, disciplined and create a habit. This book is presented as perfect antidote to combat the frustration of those people who feel that they do not progress or achieve their goals. The author argues that when you learn how to learn English, you never have to worry about what you learn in English again. The book is available in paperback and Kindle version.

‘Essential grammar in use’

'Essential grammar in use'

‘Essential grammar in use’

The ‘Essential Grammar in Use’ books are very popular among people who want to learn English. Now comes the fourth edition with a fresh design and updated examples. Of course, it retains those main features of clarity and ease of use that made this book successful. The novelty is that it is now much more accessible thanks to its new design, with renewed and updated examples.

It is very easy to use thanks to its simple outline: Units have two pages, with explanations on the left and exercises on the right. In addition, it includes a guide to be able to study in a simple way and easily locate those grammatical aspects that you want to influence. Also includes a complementary series of exercises to be able to practice those topics with more difficulty.

One of the important novelties with respect to previous editions is that this time it is eBook version also availablewhich is perfect for those students who prefer to study in digital format. It also can acquire with and without answersaccording to the needs of each person.

English alphabet soup

English alphabet soup

English alphabet soup

This word search puzzle is a great way to learn english through playor, suitable for both children and adults. It contains 48 pages with several word searches on each of them, which will allow you, above all, to reinforce vocabulary.

This game will help you learn new words in a fun waybut also the you will retain and memorize in a much easier way. You will improve vertical, horizontal and diagonal reading, even in an inverted position. The letter is large and has A4 dimensions, so you can transport it anywhere. Now, during the summer, it is perfect if you want to learn English while relaxing on the beach or in the pool. At the end of the book you will find the solutions of all the word search puzzles, as well as the translations into Spanish.

‘Three short novels to learn English’

'Three short novels to learn English'

‘Three short novels to learn English’

This book compiles three short novels —’Tears of the rose’, ‘Henry Dwyer and the third wish’ and ‘A miracle in El Campello’— written by Noreen J. Byrne for learn English while immersing yourself in different stories. However, in its 120 pages there is much more.

the three stories have their corresponding translation in Spanish with the aim of being able to consult doubts or the meaning of a word. In addition, it includes more vocabulary and some practical exercises to ensure that the reader has understood the novel.

To improve sound comprehension, novels also are available in audio format. Also, you can repeat improve pronunciation with a native teacher.

‘Learn English by reading short and simple stories’

'Learn English by reading short and simple stories'

‘Learn English by reading short and simple stories’

This 102-page book contains thirteen simple stories to learn English. The author maintains that 13, far from being related to bad luck, means entertainment, fun, self-improvement, confidence and learning, everything you need to more than meet your goals.

All the stories contained in these pages are characterized by contain the most commonly used basic words in English. As the reading progresses, some more complex ones are also introduced to introduce the reader to a more advanced reading. Many of the stories are humorous, so laughter during learning is guaranteed.

The Spanish translation is available parallel to the English textallowing you to instantly check if a word or phrase has been understood. By having the translation right next to you, you don’t lose the thread of reading as if you had to stop reading to go consult an online translator. As an extra, you can also download all books in audio format to also practice English at a conversational level.