The 8 worst AAA games on Nintendo Switch


The worst AAA Nintendo Switch games They stand out from the rest by having poor design, performance, or an experience that isn’t worth what you’re paying for.

The list can be long, taking into account that AAA games are those created by companies outside of Nintendoand there are many of those who want to publish their games on Change.

In this article we will share with you some of the 8 worst AAA games on Nintendo Switch.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swan Song

This role title activision vampire-themed seemed promising at first, but the result was quite disappointing.

The reason is that both the narrative and the gameplay handle multiple concepts, and try to combine a little of everything. The story involves multiple themes, from politics to deception and betrayal.

This would be great to enhance the gameplay, but the truth is that they lengthen the narrative aspects so much that the game quickly becomes heavy. It’s very easy to get lost or disinterested in the story, and once you log out, it becomes a simple puzzle game.

You will most likely abandon this installment without finishing it, turning it into one of the worst AAA games on Nintendo Switch.

worst AAA nintendo switch games

chocobo gp

In a recent article we mentioned that chocobo gp was one of the free-to-play games to launch on the 2022 eShop. However, the title is also one of the worst AAA nintendo switch gamesalthough the reason might surprise you.

The truth is chocobo gp is a fun game, and it has some proposals that differentiate this spin-off from Final Fantasy of other career titles. However, just playing for a few days will tell you how aggressive the game is with its microtransactions.

In fact, it’s hard to ignore that the game tries too hard to make you spend money every time, which makes it more like an indie mobile title than a prestigious game. Square Enix.

chocobo gp

WWE 2K18

can’t talk about The worst AAA Nintendo Switch games Not to mention the lousy port job done with WWE 2K18.

FPS tops out at 30, already making it hard to throw punches in a fighting game, while its resolution tops out at 720p, even with the Change connected to the dock. A lot can be said about the games. fifa on the Nintendo handheld, but these at least run at 60 FPS and 1080p.

The worst thing is that at times you can’t even enjoy the game, when the frames start to drop and the textures fade. You can find many better games for the $60 title on Amazon.

not the kangaroo

This installment was perhaps betrayed by the expectation generated by the return of the series in 2022 at the hands of Tate Multimedia.

The players who were looking forward to playing again not the kangaroothey encountered a series of repetitive levels filled with small but annoying bugs and lackluster finish. Worst of all, it only lasts 4 hours, and it currently sells for €30 on the eShop.

Unless your nostalgia tank is fully charged, you won’t be surprised to see Kao the Kangaroo among the worst AAA games on Nintendo Switch.

worst AAA nintendo switch games

payday 2

This game meant a lot to the industry in 2013, so fans of shooting titles were eagerly awaiting the port of the game. excessive software by nintendo switch.

The problem with this game was that it relied heavily on its FPS. When these went down (and boy did they go down), the entire game slowed down, making further play tedious to the point of annoyance.

Considering shooter fans look for some frenetic gameplay in games like Payday 2, this clumsy version felt like a downgrade, and quickly became one of the worst AAA games around. nintendo switch.

Balan’s wonderful world

Those who have been attentive to the web will know that Balan Wonderworld was the worst AAA game for Nintendo Switch of 2021 according to Metacritic, and it is not for less.

This installment was criticized everywhere, from its simple controls, to its clunky mechanics. The worst thing is that it feels like a fairly old game, unwieldy and unenjoyable, even if you learn to master the gameplay. Added to this, the story is too creative, not to say that many found it nonsense.

worst AAA nintendo switch games

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle

This delivery of NIS America seemed to have an interesting concept with its 1v1 shooter matches, inspired by the universe of the touhou series.

Unfortunately, the game is fairly linear, and while you can complete it multiple times with different characters, it quickly becomes repetitive. If you are a fan of Touhouyou may enjoy controlling your favorite characters for a while, but soon you’ll get bored with its basic gameplay and poor graphics.

It is not only one of The worst AAA Nintendo Switch gamesbut also one of the worst rated by critics, with a 38/100 on Metacritic. The game was so criticized that it is currently being sold on the eShop for €3 instead of €30.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved it can become a very addictive game, especially for having a frenetic and demanding multiplayer section. However, the game is known to be riddled with bugs; some subtle, and others decisive for the player.

But the worst version of this game AAA was the one that was launched in nintendo switch. The visual section was especially annoying, with models full of points everywhere and mediocre textures that did not give the illusion of anything.

could you bear a poorly optimized graphic section with a resolution that goes down to 170p, if it weren’t for the fact that the title becomes unplayable. It has cuts, glitches, unstable FPS and sometimes it is difficult to measure distances or distinguish objects.

It’s a €55 game created to fill you with rage inside.

Special mention to the FIFA series

The Serie fifa has always been very popular on Nintendo platforms, despite not receiving much support from EA. However, since fifa21the third-party company began to cross the line.

FIFA 21 was pretty much the same game as 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, just with a gear and outfit update. This formula was repeated in the following games, so that each year it is verified that the version of the hybrid platform is the worst of all.

Of course, FIFA titles sell millions every year because they are the best there is in the football category. But that doesn’t take away from how sloppy the version of nintendo switch and the little effort that the creators put in. Despite this, each annual release is sold at full price, which is unacceptable to many users of the platform.

worst AAA nintendo switch games

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