The bar in Barcelona where everything is worth 1 euro: from beers to hamburgers

The bar in Barcelona where everything is worth 1 euro: from beers to hamburgers

Passers-by stop dead in front of the door with their eyes popping out of their sockets in a Looney Tunes pattern. Nor that they had just seen Shakira at a Treasury counter. she looks like a ‘low cost’ hallucination in times of inflation: All €1 Barreads in the glass entrance. Has become tiktoker magnet looking for viral bargains. As commented on networks as the cover of ‘Hello! of Queen Letizia. “Does everything really cost 1 euro?”they ask them every day even without believing it. It is a rhetorical question. The blackboards repeat the same price wherever you look. “Beer: €1”. “Shot: €1. “Coca-Cola: €1. “Bikini: €1. “Hamburger: €1”. One feels like inviting even if he’s tougher than Uncle Scrooge. With a ticket of 5, infanta Cristina level sorrows are drowned here.

Aribau, 15it is almost flush with Diputació. Would you say it’s a traditional bar: bar wide where to park the elbow, stools tall TV, slot machinewaiters with gab. If you look closely, you will see that it has more glasses than pacifier than average. On weekends there Salary readjustment to enter. “It’s a lifelong bar the owner agrees. The only difference is that we have a fixed price for all”.

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Joseph Serral tells you about price increases with decimal precision. They live from their business 7 families based on euro coins. The bar was set up by a friend of his 8 years ago. He has been wearing it for 5 years, pandemic included. The secret? “What you have to do is control costs He answers without any secrets. You have to control them a lot.”

Open 18 and a half hours a day

you find the same run having breakfast what ‘influential people‘making videos, tourists with open mouth or youths of cups It is difficult to bump into the lowered blind. The bar is open 18 and a half hours a day. From 7:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.. Until 3, on weekends. “The reason? Josep asks himself. Too easy. Here we are as one little ant. You have to be open hours to go doing 1 euro, 1 euro, 1 euro…”.

“The cheapest bar in Barcelona”each tiktoker who discovers it proclaims on networks. Until you can pay 1 euro by cardguarantees Mauricio, the waiter, behind the morning bar. “We are the cheapest in Barcelona”, agrees Fernando, a member of the premises. Many do not trust when they see the prices, the owner already assumes with resignation. “No one gives anything for nothing”They question the comments on the networks.

It’s time for breakfast, so you take out 1 euro and order a bikini. It’s inevitable the first time: you look at him with more suspicion than at a talk show host on TV. Until you take the first bite. It’s not brunch, no, but it’s not bad for what it’s worth. “There is nothing that is bad,” insists the owner. “All the meat you buy it at Makro”, he lists the origin of each product at a run. the bread of bikini it’s from Bimbo; the donuts, from Donuts; the pastriesde Alvilardan, “a company that makes bread for life”. And he shows you the pantry with the same detail as if you were Chicote in ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’.

Josep has tried everything that is served at the bar. “I try everything,” he guarantees. food and alcohol. He has tasted all the brands. “Not the same day,” she laughs. usually do castings ‘low cost’. “The secret -he says- is in taking alternative brandstry them: not this one, not this one, not this one, and stick with one”. They serve Altmeister instead of Jagermeister and the tequila It’s called La Piedad. And yes, you’ll find out the next day that he’s merciful to hangovers. “Here you don’t throw away the jug”, Josep shows you brand-name sealed boxes. The most sold? The beerSure. They only sell fifths of San Miguel.

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What is most surprising to find for 1 euro? A Burger. “It is 110 grams”, details the owner. They serve it raw inside the bread, accompanied only by a bag of ketchup. “At the moment, you don’t win anything with the hamburger,” Josep shrugs. “The inflation we’re…” he snorts. It worries me. At the end of the year I will do accounts. She’s going to have to charge for the ketchup, she laments. “It has multiplied by 2 the price. It was worth 0.5 and now it’s worth 0.10 –she counts to the millimeter-. Milk has risen 2 cents. They hadn’t moved a price for 10 years.”

If one sounds bell is that they just left bribery. In a bar where you can pay 1 euro with a card, there are those who have come to leave bills of 10 and 20 more, he says Glorynight shift waitress. Every time someone posts a video on tik toksays, this fills up. “Many take Photos with us,” he smiles.

Starting at ten at night, the lights are dimmed. lightssound music videos on TV, the average age is going down. At eleven o’clock it begins to form Salary readjustment weekends. Gloria pours you a glass of Can Paixano. is the specialty from the bar, although what they order the most at night is the pious tequila. The pink almost overflows the glass. “We are generous”, Josep, the other waiter of the night, smiles to the side. “La Niña”, his classmates call her. Why is it full? “For him pricedefinitely. And because there is always good vibes”, replies Xavi, a 19-year-old regular customer.

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The drinks are created based on shots and soft drinks, from 1 euro to 1 euro, informs a sign on the door. “Unique”, 1 piglet; “double“, two; with 3, it is already “too”. Soon the group of girls that usually Persian Next to the TV, they announce you. There’s the one who always cries after the fourth shot. A tequila?

The vessels circulate at disco speed. You see a lot of greetings, a lot usualmuch guiri, “many handsome boy”, says La Niña smiling at a tourist. There are clients who applaud themGloria says, pouring you another shot. pomace? They are often told that they are the best bartenders, she promises. And yes, you will reaffirm it just half an hour later. These people zon tush better armigosh, jodrerr.