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We continue with the 2022 film course, and if today is Friday, you know what to do a review of all the novelties that land in our movie theaters to take a piece of the cake at the box office this weekend. This day 16 arrive ten new titles of the most varied and for all palates that you can browse below.

The premieres of September 16, 2022

‘The invitation’ (‘The Invitation’, 2022)

  • It is the new film by Jessica M. Thompson, who debuted in 2017 with ‘The light of the moon’ and who signed the series ‘The End’ a couple of years ago.
  • It stars Nathalie Emmanuel, known for her roles as Missandei in ‘Game of Thrones’ and Ramsey in the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga.
  • The version that will hit our theaters is a decaf with a PG-13 rating. The full R-rated version — for adults — will be seen at its streaming launch.
  • Its original title was ‘The Bride’ —The bride—.
  • It may be a bad omen, but it lasts exactly as long as the last vampire movie from Sony: ‘Morbius’.

Criticism in Espinof:
‘The Invitation’: a pleasant combination of a gothic romance with ‘Let Me Out’ elevated by a brilliant Nathalie Emmanuel

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‘The Father Life’ (2022)

  • It is the new film by Joaquín Mazón, who debuted in the feature film with ‘Elite Body’ in 2016 and who has worked on series such as ‘Doctor Mateo’, ‘There below’ or ‘Con el culo al aire’.
  • Its leading trio is made up of Karra Elejalde, Enric Auquer and Megan Montaner.
  • The script is in charge of Joaquín Oristrell, responsible for ‘The tribe’, ‘Mediterranean diet’ or ‘Unconscious’.
  • The film revolves around the reunion between a chef and his father, who had been missing for 30 years.

‘The house among the cacti’ (2022)

  • ‘La casa entre los cactus’ marks the debut of Carlota González-Adrio after her short film ‘Summer Solstice’.
  • It stars Ariadna Gil and Daniel Grao.
  • It is based on the novel by Paul Pen, whose work was already adapted for the screen by himself in ‘El Aviso’, starring Raúl Arévalo.
  • The film, in the key of a thriller, is set in the Canary Islands during the 70s, and revolves around a family that, of course, hides terrible secrets.


‘Particular desert’ (‘Particular desert’, 2021)

‘Dragonflies’ (2022)

Criticism in Espinof: ‘Libélulas’ is a devastating story about the lack of opportunities and despair of a generation

‘White Cadejo’ (2021)

‘The girl and the spider’ (‘The girl and the spider’, 2021)

Olga (2021)

‘Lourdes’ (2019)

‘The Pampas’ (2022)

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