The Best Movie Of 2020 Is On HBO: A Truly Unique Sci-Fi Action Game – Movie News

It was an atypical year, but it left us one of the best cinematographic works of the decade.

Christopher Nolan, the director of hit movies like origins, The dark knight either Interstellarpolarizes Either you love him or you hate him. Some call him the new Stanley Kubrick, but to others he’s a complete overrated quack. Surely his talent is somewhere in between, but, for now, an agreement has not been reached. If there is something that cannot be denied, it is that Nolan is totally pushing the limits of commercial cinema..

There are very few directors who manage to generate so much profit with films with a strong auteur character. Nolan is very clear about what he wants and does not allow any studio to intervene in the projects. Since he is in favor with the public, they let him do it, but, as we say, he is one of a kind. One of the best examples of his filmography is his most recent work, Beginningwhich is available on HBO Max.

Beginning offers the viewer some of the most spectacular and complex action scenes in cinema in recent years. Although there was a bit of everything in the critical reception -those who were delighted and others who were not so much-, the vast majority define it as a fascinating puzzle that results in quite a show. For SensaCinemaIt is an absolute masterpiece worth seeing.

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“The exposed proposal is so bestial and the images with which the action is narrated to us are so powerful that it doesn’t matter if you are able to congenialize the obverse and the reverse of the narration, you simply have to feel it, believe it”, he says. Alexander G. Calvopublisher and critic of SensaCinema“in order to enjoy this totemic spectacle created by a demiurge who already seems to be above mere mortals”.

Tenet’ is a crazy, revolutionary, extraordinary and chilling labyrinth where Christopher Nolan seems to have reached the limit -if he has one- of his own capacity as a narrator when it comes to managing time as he pleases”, continues Alejandro G. Calvo

In Beginning we meet a CIA agent (John David Washington) who is subjected to a harsh test, but, after deciding that he prefers to die rather than hand over his colleagues, he is chosen to be part of an international espionage team. After passing this test, the protagonist receives an important mission: he must prevent a third world war. The key is a single word: TENET.

Together with his new partner, Neil (Robert Pattinson), he will begin to closely follow the arms dealer Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh), who is behind this declaration of war. The cast is completed by Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Clémence Poésy among others.

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