“The competition must innovate”, Phil Spencer responds to complaints from Sony and Jim Ryan

“The competition must innovate”, Phil Spencer responds to complaints from Sony and Jim Ryan

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Activision Blizzard’s purchase process is at one of its peak moments, so Xbox and PlayStation are involved in a war of declarations for and against the agreement. This week it was confirmed that the investigations into the deal will be extended in the United Kingdom, something that Sony appreciated since it fears losing important franchises such as Obligations.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, decided it was time to speak again on the subject and respond to recent complaints by Sony and Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation. So during an interview with CNBC (via eurogamer) talked about the purchase of Activision Blizzard, competition in the industry, and the issue of exclusivity.

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Spencer reiterates that Obligations and other sagas will continue on PlayStation

Spencer was questioned about the purchase of Activision Blizzard and recent comments made by Jim Ryan, who believes that the deal Microsoft offered them to keep Obligations on PlayStation is unfair.

The head of Xbox reaffirmed that Obligations and other sagas of the studio will continue to reach the rest of the platforms, including PlayStation. He clarified that his goal is and will continue to be to bring as many titles as possible to all players.

“I publicly stated to our fans and customers, which is where our greatest commitment is, that our expectation is that we will continue to launch Obligations on PlayStation and other places where people see it, and hopefully expand the places where people play all of our titles.

“That’s been our goal. We put the player at the center, and through technologies like cloud, PC release date and day, our expectation is that more players will play the titles we’re building in the future. That it’s our goal with all the titles we’re playing today,” Spencer said.

Xbox boss thinks competition is good

During the interview, it was discussed how the purchase of Activision Blizzard may impact Sony, especially given the success and continued growth of Xbox Game Pass. Spencer pointed out that Xbox is always looking for alternatives to compete and that the service was a result of that.

The manager believes that, in the end, competition is good, because it leads to innovation. He stressed that Xbox has been able to get ahead by competing “effectively”, always offering more content and value to its players. In this way Xbox Game Pass was born, a service that is key in everything related to the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

“We sat down like Microsoft and Xbox and thought ‘how can we innovate and create value…for gamers?’ And we came up with a new model for customers to build their game library, and gamers love it. I think that’s what competition is about. Competition is about driving competitors to innovate, driving competitors to do new things like the cloud, like subscriptions, like creating new intellectual property. And all we’ve been focused on is how do we compete effectively, how do we deliver more value to our customers.”

What does Phil Spencer think of exclusivity?

Previously, Spencer stated that there will be fewer and fewer exclusives in the industry, but they will still be present in every ecosystem. Now, he affirmed that Xbox will also have its exclusive titles, as they are important to promote its brand and business. However, his ultimate goal is to offer his products to the greatest number of people, no matter what platform they prefer.

“Title exclusivity has been something that has been the backbone of our industry for a long time. We made a move a few years ago, so when we release our games, we offer them on console and PC. from almost anyone with a web browser – you can go to xbox.com/play and play our games through the cloud. Our goal is to give players more access to our games in the future. That’s our goal.

“So when we think about exclusivity for us, we’re going to have exclusive titles on Xbox, we do it today, it’s part of our platform to drive affinity for what we do, but we want those games to end up being played by more gamers than ever before. before, and we developed the technology and innovation to make that possible,” Spencer concluded.

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