“The glitter games”: La Más Draga announced its fifth season and confirmed Maca Carriedo

The promo for the long-awaited fifth season of the show surprised its fans on Monday night, September 12 (Photo: Tw/@Lamasdraga)
The promo for the long-awaited fifth season of the show surprised its fans on Monday night, September 12 (Photo: Tw/@Lamasdraga)

After several weeks of speculation regarding the most dredgethe reality show Mexican has issued a surprising announcement that caused a stir on social networks. And it is that the production that seeks to support the talent of the drag queens mexican launched the promotional video of the fifth and long-awaited season of the program broadcast on YouTube.

“Yes, it was me, this is the fifth wave and let the glitter games begin,” he is heard saying in the promo. Maca Carriedowho joins the project as the new host of the next season to be released on September 27, thus confirming her entry into the program that previously had as presenters roberto carloKarla Diaz, Vanessa Claudio Y Lorraine Herrera.

This confirmation represents a “relief” for the followers of the to show because in the social networks strong versions circulated that indicated the possible cancellation of the seasonthis after the recent announcement of the arrival on Aztec land of the international program RuPaul’s drag race.

The changes in this new installment, in addition to the incorporation of Carriedo, are the participation of new members of the panel of judges, adding the actress, dancer and trans activist Rachel Martinez; and the actor, singer and dancer Roger Suarezthat together with the makeup artist Yari Mejiathe experienced drag queen Airplane Y johnny carmona -who continue in the project- will be in charge of evaluating the performance of the “feminine”, as the participants of the project are called. reality show which is characterized by presenting challenges with different Mexican themes andn each broadcast.

In addition, the new cast of the program produced by Bruno Olvez and his partner Carlo Villarreal joins “Venenito”a small-sized man, who along with “Poison” Y “Toxic” They will be in charge of accompanying those eliminated to the “Dragaltar”.

As part of the confirmed participants at the moment are fab wisheswho is considered the drag queen most popular Mexican in social networks; by FiFiwho is quite a “murderer of the lip sync“, Y Liza Zan Zuziknown as “the aunt that everyone wants to have”, who has collaborated as a host of capsules for channel once and already has experience in competitions in the world of national drag.

At the moment it is not known whether or not there will be “secret participants” in this edition, those who keep a low profile and their identity is revealed until the program is broadcast on the air. Another aspect that fans of the to show they have noted is the absence of Pepe and Teothe populars influential people LGBT+ who have participated in previous broadcasts of the most dredge.

It is also known that after four seasons, the musician Neiko did not participate in the creation of the musical themes of this next batch of episodes, which include water and figures alluding to pre-Hispanic Mexico as part of their graphic elements.

“The most important dredge competition in Mexico and Latin America. He returns with a tsunami full of talent to continue showing and extolling the fabulous world of Drag. LET’S SHINE FEMINOUS !!”, can be read in the description of the promotional posted on YouTube.

Raquel Martinez, Rogelio Suarez and "poisoned" join the cast of LMD5 (Photo: Screenshot (Yt/LA MÁS DRAGA OFFICIAL)
Raquel Martínez, Rogelio Suárez and “Venenito” join the cast of LMD5 (Photo: Screenshot (Yt/LA MÁS DRAGA OFFICIAL)

And it is that until a few days ago, the future of the most dredge it was unknown because before the delay of the publication of the promotional, different rumors circulated that assured that Rupathe famous drag queen and mother of art drag in United States, he was struggling to get there with his franchise RuPaul’s Drag Race to Mexicowith which it would be willing to “remove” the Mexican program, considering it a direct competition.

The most incisive accounts ensured that RuPaul’s team even would have filed a legal process against the creators of the most dredge of course plagiarism, and there was no shortage of those who claimed that he even sought to “absorb” the Mexican competition by buying it in order to get rid of his possible competition.


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