The Good Nurse: Netflix Movie Premiere, Cast, Trailer

the good nurse premiered on September 11 at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. And, for all public, the good nurse the premiere October 26th.

What is the cast of The Good Nurse?

Jessica Chastain

The recent Oscar winner for The Eyes of Tammy will be in charge of starring in the film in the role of the nurse Amy Loughren.

eddie redmayne

As the co-star of Chastain, also an Oscar winner for The Theory of Everything, he will be the nurse charles cullen.

Nnamdi Asomugha

The former professional American football player continues his foray as an actor and consolidates his career in the role of Danny Baldwin.

Noah Emmerich

The American actor, known for The Truman Show or more recently for the series The Americans, will be Tim Brown It’s The Good Nurse.

Eddie Redmayne is Charlie Cullen, a male nurse who was dubbed ‘the angel of death’ in the press. Netflix

What book is The Good Nurse based on?

This crime drama movie is based on the book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murderwritten by charles fraber and published in 2013. Book that follows Amy Loughren, a nurse to whom the police report suspicions about the relationship between Charlie Cullen, with several of the unexplained deaths of several of his patients. Involving Amy in the capture of Cullen, a doctor with whom she had established a strong friendship.

What true story is The Good Nurse based on?

In December 2003, the case of charlie cullenit would circle the length and breadth of the United States. Known in the media as ‘the angel of Death’ was captured after 16 years as a nurse in hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Where it is estimated that he killed up to 40 people by administering insulin and other lethal drugs to his patients. Currently, Charlie Cullen is serving a sentence of 17 life sentences, however, his case could not have been solved without Amy Loughrenessential piece in the police investigation.

The Good Nurse trailer


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With just the first glimpses of Jessica Chastain as Amy and Eddie Redmayne as Charlie, we can know that we are facing one of the films that will break the internet at the time of its premiere. Slow, deliberate and showing itself as a sinister work (aligned with real events), we can see how, little by little, Amy Loughren unfolds the true face of the person she, until then, considered her friend.

Where to see The Good Nurse?

the good nurse premieres exclusively on Netflix and in some theaters in the United States.