The Johnny Depp Movie That Was Destroyed By Critics And Was The Low Point Of His Career – CINEMABLEND

The actor chained several titles that did not receive the favor of critics.

Even the most recognized actors with the brightest careers have ups and downs. Johnny Depp, who for decades has been one of the most valued faces in Hollywood although now he stands out more for his problems with the law, chained a bad streak of productions not so long ago that we could set as the beginning of his fall. In 2015 he premiered Mortdecaiwhich is, for many, the lowest point of his filmography. Few Depp movies have a lower score than this one. and it is particularly noteworthy because it was the most important of a long list of disappointments.

In MortdecaiJohnny Depp plays a well-known art dealer who is known for his sales prowess and savvy. Completely sure of his talent, Charles Mortdecai sets out on an adventure to acquire a prized stolen work of art. Depp shot it in October 2013, after years of struggling to get it out. The actor had great weight in the industry and, almost automatically, any project in which he was involved received the green light. This was one of them.

The doubts surrounding the tape began with the release of the trailers, which led some media to openly express their skepticism. “Personally I think the Depp stunt is getting boring”wrote slashfilm. Against this background, the press screenings began to be cancelled, delaying the possible avalanche of negative comments as much as possible. The producer’s fears became reality.

Despite its luxury cast -it has Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow in addition to Depp-, it received ratings well below expectations. “The jokes are surprisingly unfunny and divide the cast into those desperate to please and those looking to slip away with most of their dignity intact,” he opined. the dissolution giving voice to a long list of media dissatisfied with the work of director David Koepp.

While some critics tried to maintain respect for the production, others like Peter Sobczynski of roger ebert They went straight to the point: “[Una] Absolutely baffling waste of time, talent, energy and money”. This is just one example of how the film was received by the press and proof that the film was widely considered a cinematic disappointment.

And the worst thing is that the box office results did not accompany either. Mortdecai it was the fifth consecutive film in Johnny Depp’s career that was a box office failure. After the poor results of Transcendence (2013), The Lone Ranger (2012), Dark Shadows Y the rum diaries (2011), Depp returned to star in another economic disaster. this time they raised 47 million dollars compared to the 60 million -according to estimates- that the film cost. His last big premiere had been four years earlier, with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

A bad decision can be made by anyone, but in Depp’s case, Mortdecai meant something else. His name was no longer synonymous with profitability and his career was called into question. Things didn’t get much better afterwards. He became Grindelwald in Fantastic beasts and where to find themwhich is not bad at all, but we all know what happened next.

His relationship with Amber Heard ended in the worst possible way, with a trial where his most intimate dirty laundry was exposed to millions of people. His image in Hollywood has never been the same again and, although in 2015 all this was unknown, his losing streak of premieres tells us that it has been a long, long time since Johnny Depp is not the same one who filled movie theaters for the mere fact of being him.

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